October 19, 2006

Gotta just love technology!

Gotta just love technology! I already typed all this once but did a real dumb thing like not copy it before I clicked post. Oh well type again!

I just realized that I haven't written in here for awhile, well actually I had some written but it was all whiny and I deleted it. But as you may be able to tell I am putting off other stuff by writing in here So I should have lots to write about LOL!

Robyn had her baby Sept. 17 - a baby boy - Ethan Scott. They're both doing great and she's still breastfeeding! We have a big box all ready to mail to them but we've not made it to the PO lately. Plus, I'm worried it's gonna be kinda pricey (it's heavy!).

Did you know anyone, any age can get shingles? I didn't! I was under the impression that only seniors & people with weak immune systems get it. #2, Alexis, got it about 3 yrs ago when she was 7. We was worried for awhile but she cleared up and hasn't had it since. But...I got it about 2 wks ago! UGH! Talk about painful and uncomfortable! But it's almost gone now. I had a good excuse to take some really good pain pills too! LOL! You can read more about it here (if you go to the next page there's pics too!). The doc said anyone who has had chicken pox (not the shot!) has a good chance to get shingles in their lifetime. So #3 & #4 won't get it thank god! Poor #2 she tried to tell me it hurt but I thought she was just being whiny

And now I'm gonna whine some more =) I'm sick! I got a cold some how and have felt like crap for the last 3 days. #1 & #4 was sick too a little bit so I didn't get to whine alot. (don't ask Darkside though, he'll say I whined alot!)

Umm....I'm trying to figure out how much is too much to put here

We're trying to get everything together for a big halloween costume party & weiner roast we're having on the 28th. Well it's supposed to be the 28th (the invites said that anyway!) but we forgot to put in for Darkside to be off on that night so........it may have to be switched to the 29th?? We still are trying to work that out. We're having such great fun trying to get everything ready without spending too much. The $$ amount is $27 so far. Oh yeah and the invites that may be wrong which were $5. I'm not gonna count the food cost it'll be minimal since it's mainly soda, buns, & weiners LOL!

So ok that's all I'll throw on tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll write more. Darkside has to work so I'm sure I'll be bored
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February 16, 2006


Talk about frustrating! I spent all day messing with this stupid thing just to get it all the way I wanted It should of only took me about 45 mins. Oh well, it's done now.

I did all this just so I could say hey to some old friends without them being confused over whos who.

I finally finished putting up the newsletter that I've been putting off since the end of Dec. It's nothing to do just now I need to email the lady over it and tell her (finally) that I moved. What sucks is not only do I have to tell her, the last time we talked I had just moved and I've actually moved 2 times since! It really gets people all screwed up when you move so much. Not that moving was all that terrible or anything - well I don't do much LOL! But I still have to make a graphic for this edition, that shouldn't be too hard.

But now I need to get to work on the hubby's page. I'm still not done redo-ing it and now I need to update it! I really need to stop putting things off.

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