December 31, 2007

ecological footprint

I did this quiz the other day very worth it! It measures your ecological footprint - give it a go!

My results -

Although I'm happy that our family has a smaller footprint than most in this country I am also sad to see that is still too large of a footprint. I hope to make huge changes toward the good in this aspect soon.

Still no holiday pictures yet - but will be soon =)


December 29, 2007

hair color

oh yeah gotta remember - I colored my hair today. tried natural medium neutral blonde, Nice -n- Easy. DIDN'T WORK! I colored my hair back in Sept. black with blue tinting/highlighting. It looked great! So went about 4 weeks ago and got another cheapie black at Walmart, still looked OK but not exactly the same but figured oh well.

Ever since then, every time I wash my hair purple stuff washes out. Now I know it happens for the first couple washes, but every time?! I got sick of it and figured I'm done! Went and bought the above mentioned color - figured I'll go back to natural and just do highlights here and there.

It didn't work except on my roots! AGHHHH! And I mean not even a little bit! And it should of!

I swear to never again by cheapie hair color no matter what!

had to stick this in here so I'll remember later exactly what day I did my color last LOL!



Ok first off let me say sorry for all the quizzes but I just love going and messing with them! Second I know I owe an update to what the hell we've decided to do move, stay, etc. and that's below. And last I'll tell all about our holidays. This will be a long one folks!


Well we've decided EXACTLY what we're doing. I've waited to say anything because every time I do something happens and we don't do it! Here's a rundown of the why -

  • Fulltime RV'ing - a no go. This was a hard one to let go of because of all the fun opportunities it held for the whole family. But this was part of the reason why we said no - no privacy for us grown folks! Plus it's real hard for me to think about spending so much money on gas when there is so much out about how we are running out of affordable oil (well any oil actually!). And a side note I would probably go insane because of the inability to be a packrat in such a small space!
  • One in a million land - a no go (I guess). <-- see that! I still can't let go of this one! I really, really want to be on my own land doing my own thing so that I can plan for years down the road not just the here and now. It's just too much for us to try to take on right now money-wise but still a possibility for in the future (this land or other land). We just have to come up with more money (more knowledge won't hurt either!).
  • THE PLACE - a no go. Our offer was denied. Then we did the unimaginable and contacted our bank that is about 90 miles away from there for a loan. Initially they said "yes we cover that area" - to turn around AFTER we filled out a application to say "oh we don't cover that far away". Oh the place is still there but we can't get it. See look here.
  • Staying here - NOT AN OPTION!! - I refuse to continue to pay for this place any longer! I've found out in the last few months that not only is there years of back taxes owed on the land (which I figured), but there are back taxes owed on the mobile home - like more than 10 years! - AND - this mobile home has NEVER been registered to this land! That means the county can reject it when it is registered or in the least require it to be brought to the county & city codes for mobile homes! That will be thousands of dollars! Not including the taxes and repairs already needed! I cannot afford to spend that amount of money on a piece of property where I will NEVER be happy and where there are no decent jobs for Darkside!
  • Staying in IL - not an option. After the problems we've had here in IL with the courts over homeschooling and custody it was a gamble coming back here, I don't want to tempt fate! Plus, most areas of IL use a electric co. called IL Power or at least it used to be called that, but anyway there isn't any possible way for us to get an account through them. Somehow (well actually I know how long of a story) we have a $3000 bill that encompasses a few family members all in one. There is NO way I could come up with that kind of money to move into rental. Especially when there still wouldn't be good job prospects!
  • MOVING TO QUAD CITIES, IA - not an option. My brother & sister-in-law wanted me to do this. Considering I can't even stand to talk to them (or my mother) on the phone for longer 3 months without a blow-up fight - I don't think moving up to where they would be in my face everyday is very smart. Plus, that's too close to IL for my liking. And they are up there struggling - that's like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire - right?
  • Moving to Des Moines, IA - trying to stay away from this one! Some friends of ours want us to do this. We even went up last June to "see" how it was. With this trip we decided if we can avoid it we will - at almost any cost! LOTS of job prospects, but too many people and WAY to crowded for our tastes. Plus once you get there, get that good job, rent that apartment - you have no money left to save for that place in the country. Rent there for a nice apartment in a nice area for a family our size with pets (next to impossible to find this place - btw!) is going to be at least $700! That better be one good job if you hope to ever save any money! But this may be our only option depending on certain factors. We really would like to live closer to our friends though - we're bestest buds =) We miss them since they left in 2005.
  • Some where else in IA - this is the one we chose! Read more below =)
We decided that if we picked some where near Des Moines, yet far enough away to not affect rent prices, that it may just work! The town we picked is Oskaloosa, IA. It's about 60 miles from Des Moines, close enough to visit but far enough away to lower rent (to about $4-500 a month). There are still some things we need to check out about the town like - jobs within the co. Darkside works with but in the facility there, actual rent fees by calling land lords, and ........... well that's it actually =) We've been meaning to call the offices there for Darkside's job but put it off for the last couple of days. I think we'll wait till after the new year holidays. Same for the apartments there too - waiting I mean.

So there it is. Now watch something happen! Oh well we're flexible =) Maybe we're meant to go to Des Moines? I keep dragging my feet on it but that don't mean it's not meant to be. Fate is a fickle mistress that way.


But on to our holidays.

Well I didn't send anything I had ready to my brother or sil - we got into it on the phone before Christmas, told ya I could stand them for long! LOL! I'll just keep adding to it for next year! Some of the things is from last year anyhow. Eventually I'm just going to have to send it regardless because I hate holding on to things. Might have to before we move!

Sent off 2 packages and a card to our friends in Des Moines. They got there in time and they loved everything! I had alot of fun at the expense of them - I LOVE GAG GIFTS! I had more than one in their boxes =)

Got the church presents and cards all done in time, everyone loved their gifts. They also gave us gifts too, which we loved!

Darkside's work party went very well and everyone loved their gifts. The peanut butter balls that I did for the food contribution went over really well with them too. I would of made Darkside do them but I owed him because last time pb balls were made here he did all the work.

The kids all were good enough this past year and Santa visited. We didn't have an extravagant Christmas in the form of gifts, but each gift they received they loved and really wanted. The main gift from us was mp3 players for the 3 older ones and a play laptop for #4. And we had #1 pass his old mp3 player down to #4 - so now everyone has portable music that doesn't cost me money continuously!

I spent a total of $250 on Christmas TOTAL! And $200 of that was on the kids. I am so happy that everything didn't go over board! Last year I think I spent about $450. Next year I plan to spend less - maybe like $100 total! Wouldn't that be great!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow - it's super late! I HAVE to get to bed!


December 22, 2007

the EX

I've been meaning to post something on here for awhile but things have been TOOO hectic. But this one HAD to be posted!

Every year I get a smooshy and start feeling bad for Darkside's ex and how since she's a bitch she don't get to see her son - #1. So I usually send a Christmas card with a copy of our christmas picture in it.

So this year I go to find out where she's living and realize that nothing is popping up when I do a basic white pages search. Damn! But I figure oh well, we're going to be moving up to Iowa in 50 days (more on this later!) we'll just call her.

I've had her cell phone number memorized for forever so - I spend the next hour talking Darkside into calling. I had to BEG! He hates talking to her cause she always causes problems. But he knows that #1 needs to see how she is so when he grows up he won't blame us for sheltering him (crazy but true!).

So he finally calls........

No answer! And the voice mail recording doesn't sound like her at all! He even calls back a second time so I can hear the voice mail recording!

So I figure I'll just give google a shot - never know what you'll find there. How true that was tonight!

That CRAZY woman actually let people know she is crazy! She told the news people in Cedar Rapids that her cat detected carbon monoxide gas and saved her & her boyfriend's life! No I am NOT joking!! Here is the clip -

this is just over the top for her!

I can't really think of any more to say! If you want to see the whole story just google - oreo the cat Cedar Rapids, IA.


December 8, 2007

female problems

Well after my appt. I was a little depressed. If you don't want to read about female problems don't read any further!


I was going to the dr cause of not having "my visitor" (here out labeled "mv") for the last 3 months. No I am NOT pregnant - believe me I've tested! But I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), have had for years, but it's never been quite this bad though.

So I went to the dr and they do a yearly - OH YEA! - and she proceeds to tell me afterwards - "Anne there's not a whole lot we can do, we're already doing what we can here. You really need to lose some weight and we'll get a ultrasound ordered up for you now so we can see how things are doing inside. But if that's looking ok then you may need to face the fact that your ovaries are just too filled with cysts." So I say ok, but what do you mean too filled? Like it's too late - without a MAJOR body size change? and she says "well yea, but don't worry we'll also send you to a gyn/ob or a fertility specialist to get an idea of what they think too"

Ummm.........ok. Thanks so much for a mood lifter - NOT!

So I've already known that I won't be having 13 kids by 40. (not do it and stay healthy!) That's ok I can handle that - not what I "wanted" for my life but who can really call that?

But NO MORE BABIES!!! That I don't think I can handle! AT ALL!

I know I at least want one more - well I shouldn't say that - I at least want 13 by 40 but........ if I only had one more that would be fine. If I have 3 more that's ok too! I'm not a stickler on details just an rough idea - lots of kids! I only picked 12 when I was young because -

  1. I was 12 when I decided this
  2. when I said it to adults it shocked them
  3. all the good stuff comes in a dozen - ya know FOOD! - eggs, donuts, cookies ....
I changed that number to 13 when I started going out with Darkside. He had #1 so once I knew we were going to be together forever then I instantly changed the number to 13.

So...... this morning I had my appt for my ultrasound. Got to bed somewhat early last night, bathed and all that but we had bad weather yesterday and last night so.... I knew it was a big chance of whether or not I was even going to be able to make it out of the house (I hate wintery roads!). So I get up this morning and go to do morning duties (ya know!) and low and behold "mv" came!

I had to look twice I was so shocked!! 3 months of no "mv" and today of all days! OH THE IRONY!

So I called and re-scheduled it for next week.

And now I'm back to waiting.

with "mv".

Now don't get me wrong, I AM one of those weird women who actually like their "mv" so I'm happy (jubilant, ecstatic, all but shouting it to the world!) but why right now?

so I wonder is it a sign?

probably not.....

but I can hope, pray, and dream!

ok gotta go to bed been a very long day.

ps - sorry for all the details but I feel better now =)

December 3, 2007


Well today was a shocking day to say the least! Well actually a shocking night really.

Tonight after Darkside got home, #1 was taking a shower (he always stays up late). Well since we heat with the wood stove the far ends of the house get kinda cold especially when in the bath. So to help out we have a small heater in the bathroom & we try to dry clothes in the dryer to add heat.

Well thank goodness he pays attention! Darkside & I were sitting in the living room busy doing things online and all of the sudden there's a top half of #1 nude & wet hollering out the bathroom door "DAD, GET IN HERE QUICK!!!" So Darkside goes running in there.

Now I would have but I was figuring it may have been one of those father-son things so I waited.

Till I heard "and I seen it on fire" - WHAT?!

I didn't care what was going on I was in there! HAHA!!

Well I guess he looked over and seen the back of the dryer on fire so he ran to tell us without even getting a robe! Which is surprising on it's own HAHA! (He's a teenager after all.)

The cord for some reason shorted and caught fire. Thankfully we caught it before anything else caught fire! Since we live in an older trailer that is a sure way to lose everything (a fire).

But on the other hand - with xmas in less than a month there's no extra money for a new dryer. We can't even ask the father-in-law cause he's already helping with xmas =( And anyone with 4 kids, 3 cats, and 2 dogs knows that any laundry or food device is a necessity HAHA! Most definitely!

Oh well we've already strung up the clothes line inside and will get by somehow. There is a laundry mat in Whitehall (3 miles away) too. We've already took down the outside clothes line or I'd put them outside HAHA! I know it sounds crazy but my fil does it - has done it for the last 10 years. But he's stubborn too!

Did you know that he's the only person I know that has an electric bill of less than $50 a month year round? And the company he has is notorious for high rates too! Yep, one stubborn man!

shoot, I just noticed how late it is and I have an early appt in the morning!
gotta go!

December 2, 2007


Still busy here =) been making pages for a brag book for my sister in law - it's her xmas gift!

I'm such a freebie hog! I've been at a MILLION blog d/l'ing this and that - I think I'm addicted! LOL! This one here caught my eye - here and it's a really neat idea!! But not really what I'm needing right now so I HAVE to pass - REALLY! My computer has threatened to throw a fit if I save anymore LOL! (not really but....)

We've also been crafting alot here too. I am starting to make socks for the kids. I got one done today - yep just one! Those suckers take a bit to knit when your doing other things. Plus I'm doing it with a knitting loom so that may be why it takes longer. I don't know how to actually knit but with a knitting loom I do A-OK! I learned from this site which has AWESOME videos!

ok that's all for tonight! I'm late for bed!

November 25, 2007

xmas 2007

Boy have I been busy! I have so many projects half done around here on the computer and in the house so I've been trying to finish them up. I've been most worried about making sure I'll have enough Christmas presents for everyone this year, even though our list has been almost cut in half it's still worrisome for me. So I've been working slowly on lots of things.

I've got a little teddy bear made for my brother's youngest boy, he's almost 2. I've also got him a rams coat that I picked up at a yard sale this summer that my brother will love! He's a big rams fan - he'll probably try to wear it himself! HAHA! And for the two girls I plan to get some bath/makeup stuff for them. They are almost 5 and 6 years old so they'll love the messing kind of stuff. Probably will make some bath salts and body wash for them - like this.

And for Kristy I am making a brag book of pictures. I'm doing them up all nice with all my digital scrapbooking stuff, it's harder than I thought! But she'll really like it cause they've moved around so much she hardly has any pictures anymore. Plus I've also made her a bag holder - like this. I also made me two of them at the same time! Couldn't help it, we needed them pretty bad. Both of mine are stuffed full and still have more bags left! (there's a story behind this and I'll have to explain sometime) And I also have a pair of pants that I picked up this summer for her. I had alot more clothes for her but I let the neighbor's girlfriend have them. The girl is pregnant with her first baby and all those clothes were stretchy so she'll probably really like them.

For my brother I have a shirt that I know he's not going to like - why would I do that you say? Cause he has this liking of gold colored items - not just gold like the metal but gold the color. So you think it would be easy right? NOPE! Gold as a color is a certain hue and I never seem to get it right HAHA! So I have a shirt for him but it probably isn't the right color =) I also came across a one of a kind - for Salvation Army anyway - book that I plan to give him. It's a book done by the makers of the magazine High Times, it's a collection of stories. He'll love it, if he ever reads it! He's not much of a reader.

And the last thing for their family I'm doing for Christmas is a family present - DVD's. I'm going to go through ours and see what ones they would like and give those to them. I think their going to like that alot =)

For my father in law, we're going to get him a DVD player and some DVD's. That old fart still don't have a DVD player so we're going to jump start him into the craze HAHA! I'm going to try to get a bunch of John Wayne movies for him - he's a HUGE fan of JW.

The kids have about a thousand things ready for their Sunday school teachers! And I plan to help them also make some small soaps also to give them - that should be fun (NOT!).

Darkside is exchanging names at work. They didn't do this last year so I'm not sure what we're going to do for that. But the limit is $20 so it shouldn't be too hard. I'd also like to get his boss something nice, although I don't know what! With him transferring within the company in Feb. I want her to give him a great recommendation to the next boss. I know that may not be right but it's our only source of income so I'm willing to do just about anything to keep it!

And besides the kids that's our Christmas list! Not much huh? Oh well more than enough for me! We only have about 30 cards to get out this year - usually I do about 100! But we haven't even done our picture yet! I've been putting it off so #4 is completely happy of what his acne is doing - it's a teenager type thing! Hopefully we'll do it this week though.

Well that's all for now. I need to get ready for some cold, wet, and hungry little kids =) It's been raining ice here all morning - BLAH!


November 22, 2007

thanksgiving 2007

Well it's been awhile for me here! Didn't mean for it to happen but things have been way too busy. Nothing exciting, just normal everyday life. Here's a rundown (kinda).

Didn't do the halloween party this year. We're waiting till we get more figured out before we do.

Got the wood stove in and a wood shed build. Let me tell ya those were some trying times! Last year we used 4" gas stove pipe, which although it worked, it isn't the right stuff. So this year we saved up the money to buy new black 6" stove pipe. Well it may have said 6" but it wasn't! It didn't even want to fit inside each other! Now maybe this is normal but we haven't done this before so it was a pain! Oh and two side notes. 1. a side pipe hanger (the thing that holds your pipe to the wall outside) costs $20!!! 2. wood stove pipe rain caps work MUCH better than gas stove pipe rain caps! In fact the latter of the two can be out right dangerous!

We've (the men of the house) started to fill the wood shed with all the wood. This is a long progress of chopping and stacking. Especially when Darkside's chainsaw is poop!

We've (still) not been blessed with a new arrival (baby). For me this is the final countdown and this depresses me alot. Starting in April 08 we will be past the 5 year mark between children (get pregnant after 4/08 and will be due in 2009). I know for some this is no big deal but for me 5 years between is too long since we already have older children (#1 just turned 14!!). Everyday seems to drag more and more in this struggle.

I made Darkside build a new desk that would hold BOTH of our computers - YEA! We even have a temporary type room to house them in! So now we can do our "ADULT" things during the day if needed without prying eyes. I love it!

Also I made Darkside build some shelves in our room to hold lots of misc. stuff. (mental note - stop being so mean to Darkside LOL!) They are good sturdy shelves that only cost about $4 for the screws. They definitely are NOT the prettiest shelves but they are lifesavers for me!! They are about 2' wide and 8' long and 6' tall.

The chickens are still thriving, they're still at my father-in-law's though. Between the 4 hens, we're getting about 4 eggs a day so that's good! The fil says their getting broody so it's slowing down some but we'll probably still have a hard time keeping up with eating them LOL! The other two are roosters =( And they're meaner than a wet cat! Probably because #1 used to "play" with them HA! #1 didn't understand that what he thought was "playing" was really challenging them LOL!

And besides bragging about all my Thanksgiving feast - which is looking good already LOL! - my last bit of news.

About 4 months ago we got offered the one in million chance to rent out some prime homesteading land. Prime meaning - 5 acres, in the central US, long term rental, GREAT price! And we were all ready to go, but... (there's always a but) It has it's own set of trials that we're having a REALLY hard time overcoming. We still don't know exactly what to do about that.

So in the mean time we've flip-flopped on what other options we may have. We can't and won't stay here any longer. And we've come to the conclusion that our only other option is to go back to Iowa.

Well till Monday night that wasn't even going to be a possibility. I've looked and looked for the right place & town and not had any luck. But Monday night, we found THE PLACE. You know that one place that seems like it would be almost perfect. It still might not be an option but........... we have some hope! We contacted the realtor and made an offer - now don't be thinking we robbed a bank or anything! It was one of my kind of offers that doesn't involve a bank. We've not heard back yet (sent on Tuesday) so that's a good sign, right?

I sure hope so! With this property almost all the trials of the other land are already taken care of. I'm just so excited and hopeful! But I must remember to not get too excited.

Okay, now Thanksgiving =) I'm cooking up a ton of food for us and my fil. Here's the menu:

2 turkeys
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes
green bean casserole
cranberry sauce
brown -n- serve rolls (Darkside MUST have these or he'll cry LOL!)
cheese ball
spaghetti squash
chocolate silk pie
2 pumpkin pies
cherry pie
coconut/banana cream pie (only had banana cream filling!)
banana cream pudding
pumpkin mousse

WOW we're some eaters! LOL! I sure hope we'll have leftovers for a couple days! Last year it only lasted a day after. I have (of course!) sampled a little here and there and know it's some GREAT tasting food, can't wait till tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with whomever you spend it with!

I want to be a bear!

I picked this up from this blog and had to share it here, it's my new goal!


In this life I’m a woman. In my next life, I’d like to come back as a bear.

When you’re a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you’re supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that, too.

When you’re a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you’re sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that.

If you’re a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that.

If you’re a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup…gunna be a bear.

– Unknown

October 13, 2007


well I got all the moving of post from myspace blog to this one done - YEA! so now everything is in one place =)

also I've been putting off sending those pictures to the son. I've just been thinking what happens if they get tore up there? what happens if they lose them? what happens if he never shares any of them with his sister? what happens if years from now my ex-step-dad says "hey I could of stuck them in a safety deposit box some where!" what if? what if? what if?

I can go on and on and think of a million different bad scenarios. Pictures are my weakness. I know that there are so many things you can get from just 1 picture, let alone a box! And I always think the worst of every situation. So I knew this was going to happen, but I still don't like it!

I have no clue how I'm going to handle it when the kids grow up! I have some real problems I need to deal with.

So I'm just going to do it. I said I would and so I will. My stomach just clenches to think of all the things that could go wrong. I just have to LET GO and let things fall where they will.

something great happened today too - I went to Payless to get #1 a new pair of shoes cause his are broke down bad even thought they are only 6 months old. (He wears a size 11 !!!) And we got him a $30 pair for $11 !!! Plus since they have their BOGO sale I got a new pair of sneakers too - only $5 - YEA!!

well gotta go - still have about 250 memorial sites to create =S

~oh and I couldn't help myself I scanned in about 30 of
those pictures so I have some of them LOL!

October 11, 2007

jello shots

Well I've got a great little story for ya today - it's all about our latest party. So last Monday we were chatting with a friend and we all got an idea. Wouldn't it be great if we all got together to drink and visit on Friday? OF COURSE! So he says I'll get ahold of everyone and let you guys know who all will be coming. Well we call on Wednesday and he says - I haven't been able to get ahold of too many and the ones that I have said probably not but they'd try. Well ok not the best but I figure - hey why not send out some last minute e-vites? Can't hurt right? So I get the old PSP beast running and come up with this -

Funny as all get out huh? Well it would be if ya knew the guy LOL! But anyway..... This generated a couple more responses, so it served it's purpose.

Friday was busy as usual - being payday and all (not including our whole hafta use the car fiasco - explain later). So we go by and ask our friend if he's found out anymore and he says no, not really. So we ask - SPECIFICALLY - are you coming? because we're going to buy some beer - if he's coming, if not no big deal (this friend is a MOOOCH - his words! - so we were buying this round). He say - OF COURSE! I will definitely be there!

So we go home finish the 5 billion things that needed to be done before anyone showed up. One of which is to make more (yes more!) jello shots. So I get busy. Here's all the things I'm overseeing - #1 is cooking supper, #2 is cleaning the living room, #3 is cleaning the bathroom & doing laundry, Darkside & #4 are watching TV. I'm going through emails, d/l'ing some audiobooks, doing jello shots, making sure the first 3 are doing their jobs.

So guess what happened? I ended up getting hurt - stupid Anne! While dipping the BOILING water out of the pan and into the measuring cup I splashed a little bit of the water onto my hand - which caused me to jump, did I mention BOILING WATER? So then I spill the almost half a cup of water in my hand on ME! Right on my stomach & leg! Here's what it looks like today - almost a week later (my stomach) -

UGH! If it looks like it hurts then it probably does! And this - it HURTS!

We made a total of about 70 jello shots - I always go overboard LOL! Well every time I've made less and always run out so I was aiming for more this time.

No one showed - at all.

So only about 4 of those jello shots were ate - by me =)

Needless to say, I will NOT be making jello shots again anytime soon!

And we've also gave up on the idea of having our annual Halloween Party this year. We definitely need to find better "associates" - at least more that have manners!

I really appreciate the 4 that had the courtesy to reply. You wouldn't believe that some people don't reply even AFTER the fact. Oh well.

So since I'll not be making jello shots anytime soon, I'll share the recipe =)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~remember adults only!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEVER try to boil liquor!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jello Shots

1 package Jello
1½ cups BOILING water
½ cup desired liquor

Directions - mix the boiling water with the Jello. after a couple minutes add liquor. then pour into desired vessels - I like itty bitty plastic cups. You can use anything from ice cube trays to cups or bowls. ALWAYS USE PLASTIC! unless you want to eat the stuff with a spoon.

Some variations -

Quick Set
½ cup BOILING water, mix with Jello & liquor, then add 1 cup ice. Also you can always put them into the freezer for about 45 minutes for a quick set.

Very Potent
do the water however (reg or quick set) but use ½ cup less, then add 1 cup liquor. People who do not drink alot will puke!

just add less water than usual - like a couple tablespoons to ¼ cup less.

Good Combinations (I've tried)
  • peach & whiskey
  • lime & gin
  • black cherry & hot damn! 100 proof
  • cherry & hot damn! 100 proof
  • watermelon & vodka
  • orange & vodka
  • orange & peach schnapps
  • strawberry & vodka


well there's all my secrets LOL!

gotta go for now

October 8, 2007

October 3, 2007

random things (tagged)


1. I want to have 9 more kids before I'm 40 - YEA RIGHT! Not enought time!
2. My feeling are easily hurt.
3. My dream is to someday live in the middle of nowhere and be self sufficient.
4. I believe ANYTHING can be shared with communication.
5. I HATE liars and people who avoid telling the WHOLE truth.
6. To de-stress I listen to Slipknot at the loudest setting I can.
7. I got married in a black dress.
8. I love my husband, he's my best friend too!
9. I'm STILL addicted to my computer and the internet (been 6.5 years now!)
10. I love Food Network & C.S.I. - the original.

Darkside (of course!)

October 2, 2007

old pictures

Well I called on Sunday. I got an answering machine - funny thing is it's the EXACT same one his dad has LOL! But anyway I left a message, it sounded pretty lame. So all day I was waiting for him to call back and wouldn't ya know it he did when I was goofing off with Darkside on the phone! But he left a message for me to call back today (Monday). Today was one of those days - you know - the kind where you think you'll go insane? So I didn't get to call him back. But I'm going to tomorrow.

I wanted to share a funny thing Darkside said the other day here to someone - who will remain nameless to save their dignity LOL! He said - "Quit thinking about my dog like that!!" LMAO!! It was PRICELESS!!

We went on Sunday and started to fix my dad's tombstone. It's going to take another trip there to finish it. It'll look better when we're done although I'm not so sure I like the color. Here's some pics (click for bigger ones) -



Also we've been doing this really cool thing, it's called PaperBack Swap. It's great cause all you have to spend is the cost to mail your books to someone! And the best part is when you join they GIVE you credits! We've got a ton of books on there right now but I'm not leaving them on there too long because we got to get them out of the house. But we've found a ton of books that we want. And the great thing is you can buy the credits for $3.45 each if you want! That's a better price than going to ebay or amazon! So we plan to buy some credits for some of the books Darkside has picked out. They are so he can finish his Ravenloft collection.

I've added buttons here on the page for PBS but just in case here's another one -

We get a credit for each person we get to sign up - which means a book for me!

ok that's all for tonight!

September 30, 2007

old pictures

Well tonight I started to go through some stuff we had in storage. I say started cause of course I got side tracked LOL! I had a time warp and started reading through some of my old stuff.

For anyone who doesn't know, I keep EVERYTHING! So it was fun to look through old notes, letters, poems, pictures, and keepsakes.

When I got to bottom of one tub I seen all these pictures I've been holding on to. They are my ex-stepdad's family pictures. His "new woman" is a real bitch and already tore up some other family pictures he had so he stashed these in an old building. Lucky me I found them while living in that building right before it was demolished. When I told him I found them and I wouldn't give them to him unless he could guarantee that they wouldn't be tore up, he said ok. WTF?! These are HIS family pictures! I've told him in the past 8 years that I've had them that he could have them back but he's always said no just keep ahold of them. So I have. I'm just that way I guess.

Well we've been trying to condense all our stuff and get rid of things we don't really need. So I think it's time I try to get ahold of his other kids and see if they would like them. After about 2 hours of searching tonight I'm pretty sure I've found his son, but still can't locate his daughter. It's really hard to find females without knowing if they married or not! And obviously these people are either 1. very through on keeping their selves off the internet or 2. not online savvy at all.

But anyway I found him so I plan to call tomorrow - this ought to be FUN - NOT!

How exactly should that type of conversation start? Um yeah my name is Anne and my mom used to be married to your (or your husband's) dad, do you remember me? Well, uh, I have this box of pictures of your family and I want to give them to you and your sister - where does she live now btw? I can't give them to your dad cause his new woman is a total bitch so that's why I'm calling you. Oh how did I get your number?'m a really good investigator when it comes to searching on the internet? (or would it be better to say - I have stalker like abilities? LOL!)

Not to mention the fact that ALOT of them are ruined by water damage! Some to the point of needing to be thrown away. <---not my fault btw, since I've had them they have been in plastic tubs in low moisture areas

Isn't weird how these pictures have somehow made it through all the bad times and are still with me here? Kinda crazy!

But anyway the memories sure have been floating through tonight. I'm going to try to get some good stories written in here soon.

well gotta sleep now........

PS -- oh and as a side note ain't it sad that a woman of about 60 years old can't be mature enough to realize and come to terms with her new boyfriend's past? Hell I've been able to do that from about the age of 16 or so! She really, really, really needs to just grow TF up! but anywayssssssssss.....

September 29, 2007

food stamps

Today I was sitting and looking through some really cute web sets that I came across while organizing my bookmarks. I was thinking - wouldn't it be really neat if I had a site/blog to post all my recipes & results on? And then I woke up! LOL! The only way I could do something like that is to title it something like - From Poptarts Oatmeal to Instant Rice - A Study in No Cash Cooking For A Large Hungry Family by ME - LOL!

My favorite site in the whole world for recipes & shortcuts is Hillbilly Housewife. I can't for the life of me remember her name but she is the greatest!! We are identical in beliefs when it comes to food. And I think it's really cool she tries to get things changed - umm politically? (not sure what you'd classify it as?).

Anyone who knows me (actually both of us) in RL knows that we receive federal help --- you know food stamps LOL! And for the most part I could care less what anyone thinks either. I'm open about these types of things. With our family, Darkside would have to have a $13.00/hr, 40 hr/wk job in order for us to NOT qualify - HA! Like we'd be that lucky! Since Darkside has been *unwillingly working for state min. wage ($7.50) with part time hours for the past year and a half, we don't even come close!

But for the past couple of months we have been blessed with Darkside's ex paying her child support -- even the back support she owes too! But with that extra "income" (that's what they call it) we "make" enough to start getting our benefits cut.

So before when we went shopping we could get pretty much everything we needed for the month -- plus some extravagant items, you know pizza rolls, poptarts, snack cakes (really spendy things huh?! - NOT!) and minus some things the very last days of the month, like bread, milk, sugar.

And now, now we are less $100 or so. Guess what happens now........yep total hell for me! Especially during the month of September, the month I have 2 bdays to buy cakes & cook a special meal for. It was NOT fun or pretty here when I tried, yes tried, to decorate a cake for #4's bday!

So I'm currently thinking of some catchy name for my recipe posts. I think it'll be funny to look back on.

BTW - tonight we had (umm...trying to think of another name for it besides crap!) Italian Chicken on Spagetti with a Tomato sauce and pepperoni on the side. We used 2 of those McCormick's spice packs for Slow Cookers. The funny thing is they specifically say on the directions don't lift lid if it can be helped and it will cook more evenly. HA! Our's burned --- not just a little either, it burned BAD! And of course this would be 4 chicken breasts of my last package of chicken breasts! If I knew that was going to happen I would of used those chicken breasts in a better way!!

well that's all for tonight.

*he'd like a better job than one that is min wage with part time hours, but with where we live it's just not possible without traveling for 30 mins to get a job that have more hours but not more of a wage, which isn't much of a better situation!

September 20, 2007

why I would like to beat my kids

why I would like to beat my kids - LOL!
kids who have talents like this make me wonder - why can't mine figure out how to follow simple directions?!!

We DO NOT watch any of those next kid stars type shows because of that too!

September 17, 2007

family (=) crap

Boy, oh Boy! I have so much to say and yet don't want to seem like I'm writing a book! Oh yeah, I am LOL!

Ok first off - Kristy (my SIL) stopped calling. She had been calling quite a bit complaining and complaining about Harvey (my brother). She kept going on and on about how she was going to leave him, thought he was cheating on her, blah, blah, blah.

No this didn't bother me - the two of them don't need to be together at ALL! It's not good for either one of them - if you look from one perspective or the other's. And this is what I do when anyone asks me my opinion, look for what is best for THEM - not what I want to happen or what is best for the kids, other person etc. And those two do it frequently I'm used to it LOL!

So anyway, she calls on the 6th (?) and says - hey have you heard from Harvey?
and I say - NO?!?! (he hardly ever talks to me on the phone!)
she says - well I thought he might call you since we got into it earlier today and he took off. He also went and picked up his check.
I say - oh well! let him go then!
her answer - well I need to know if he's planning on coming back cause if he ain't then I need to call my grandma so she can come get me.
I say - why?
she says - cause I can't pay rent by myself and I'll have no car, plus they said they'd help me if I need it. (yeah, right! her family NEVER helps when it comes to her staying with them, not even when she was a teen!)
I politely say - OH, OK *rolling my eyes*.
she says - if you hear from him tell him to call or at least tell you what he's doing.
I say - YEAH! I'm pretty sure I'm the last person he'll call!
she says - well I figured he'd come down there where your guys' family can help him out (*rolling eyes yet again, think they'll stick? LOL!)
I say ok I will and we hang up.

No phone calls since then. NOTHING.

And I'm not calling there. I've adopted a policy with my family - if they don't call when I think they was going to I don't bother with calling them. Not because I'm a diva and think everything should revolve around me but because I've made to many phone calls that were either unanswered, answered with hatefulness, or I've interrupted something I'd rather not know about. So best policy is to not bother - why continually run your head against a wall?? But all of them know that this is how I handle things so when they don't call when they know I'm waiting and later they "find time to" they feel too guilty to do it. They all assume I'm going to be too pissy. The few times they have tried I've been nothing but nice - oh well!

I have a very messed up family and family relationships. You'd think I was all of their mothers or grandmothers - but nope not so. And believe me I don't like this role - I would really like just to be a daughter, sister, cousin, sister in law, aunt, etc.

And yes it gets worse & deeper than that! Just in the past week!


Also it was #1's 14th birthday on Saturday. And the guitar I ordered on eBay didn't show up in time =( I thought I ordered it early enough and I probably did - but I forgot to specify what color I wanted! (black, btw) And since I spent more than usual for the guitar I could justify going and buying another present. He's a good kid though and a look at it online was good enough he said =) He knows it's on it's way. Now if I can get him away from the door LOL!

But with a 14th birthday of a child from a split home everyone who's dealt with child custody issues knows this is the monumental birthday. The big one. The one that makes them old enough to say in court who they want to live with and the judge has to take it into consideration. (maybe this is only in Illinois? not sure?) So in preparation of this with everyone we already have been saying this since last year.

A little background - Darkside was married @ 16 to THE EX after they had #1. Before a year was up they were split up - not divorced though. THE EX already had a new bf. This new bf of THE EX was physically abusing #1 - down the road not instantly. So after THE EX wouldn't take care of the problem Darkside seen no other course of action besides calling child protective services and report it. This caused lots of problems for many years which involved the courts - ALOT. In 1995 Darkside filed for divorce. To save on attorney fees he was very agreeable with THE EX and the child custody issues. This was a big mistake! Through this big mess and with time, Darkside was awarded full guardianship of #1 but he is a ward of the court till he's 18 years old. So this means anytime she can get anyone to listen to her cry and whine then we'll be back in court. THE EX has not had #1 with her for longer than 7 days EVER. But she don't want Darkside to have him either **HUH?!** She's took off for YEARS and not tried to get ahold of us. Last time THE EX was around she was halfway decent though - best attitude she's EVER had!

So even though we was just saying how THE EX would try to call Darkside's dad - this point on called the old man (he's her steady contact with us cause he NEVER moves and we do) - when she calls him on Saturday what does he do? Answer it and listen to her sappy story!

For some reason the old man believes ANYTHING she says - always has probably always will. There's no reason for it either! THE EX really is someone who needs alot of work done mentally.

So the old man calls here and says - guess who called today?
Darkside said - THE EX, told ya she would!
he said - oh why's that? **he's going to be 60 this year I think his mind is going**
Darkside says - cause remember I told you she would it's #1's birthday and he's 14 this year.
he said - well she called and was really upset and wants to talk to #1, why don't you ask him to call her it IS his birthday.
Darkside says - yeah ok, I'll ask later **WTF?! this should have been an instant NO!**
the old man says - she's all upset cause of her ex and she don't get to see the other kids, blah, blah, blah, her, her, her, the other kids, her ex, on and on
Darkside is polite saying yeah, what did she expect, blah, blah, puke, etc.
Darkside then says - sounds to me like all she wanted to do is talk about her
the old man says - NO she said she wanted to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday!
Darkside says - that's not talking about him!
~~by this time I finally get a chance to say something because unlike any other time I'm not getting let in on the conversation. Cause Darkside knew I was going to say something pissy/catty and he didn't want to be in the middle of it - COWARD!!~~
so I say - what did THE EX call?
Darkside nods yea
so I say - well we knew it!
Darkside nods yea ~~can you tell they are still trying to ignore me? HA! FAT chance little man!
so I say - yea all of the sudden she wants to say happy birthday - not the other 11 years!
the old man asks what?
Darkside says - yea she only called for his birthday in 2004 and 2005 none of the other ones!
~~not even his first birthday! not a phone call nothing!! I know cause I was there, I helped make the cake and I was only a family friend then!~~
the old man says - well she was really upset and it's up to #1 ~~like HELL! but whatever!~~
and I say - what she wants is to talk to #1 so she can tell him how much she loves him and how much STUFF she's bought to bribe him and then she'll take us to court, which we can't afford! Cause everyone know she's his mom and he'll always love her.
~~somewhere after me saying mom the old man says to Darkside I gotta go, I'll call back later, or whatever is said cause Darkside is probably lying and hangs up~~

What an ASS! I'm not sure if he's just an ass or a dumb ass! I was fuming all day! Hang up in the middle of me talking - WTF EVER!! I would NEVER do something like that to him! How rude!

I REFUSE to have anything more to do with him! He for some reason see me as everyone else does the mean "new wife/stepmom".

This on it's own isn't that big of a deal but he is our monetary back up. If something major happens and we need extra money he usually helps. He also helps from week to week when we can't stretch Darkside's paycheck anymore. So this is a REALLY big deal. But I refuse to give in on this - not even one inch!

stay tuned cause I'm sure everything will go to shit soon LOL!


well that's all I can type about now - this is a bunch and I'm only about half way done!


September 3, 2007

celeb look alikes


well I've been doing alot of nothing online the past couple weeks =( I've just been barely able to keep my mail cleared! And although I should be doing alot of other things - I'm not.

Started to finish 2 quilts and didn't get neither finished. Tried to get some stuff for the kids printed out but my printer cartridge went poop.

But the best thing was a really good storm come through and we got bunches of branches from all the neighbors. But then we found out that a friend of my fil's (lives down here) had a couple branches we needed to go pick up --- read --- half a HUGE tree!!! We have most of it now but the chainsaw went dull so we need to sharpen it before we can get the last 2 big pieces. The chainsaw needs to be sharpened first cause these last two pieces are about 3 feet around and about 8 feet long! Just a couple branches my butt!! We'll now have enough wood for the winter! (and it's half dead already so it'll burn real good)

This week will be really busy cause for one we've already started getting ready for Halloween - YEA! But also we are going to be building a kitty pen, fix the chicken coop, getting the chickens back (YEA!), and fixing the floor.

And next weekend will be the best yard sales for the whole year - YEA!

sad ain't it
oh well it's me!
got stuff to do,

August 6, 2007

RIP Stupid the cat

Credit: S template by Ruby Q Hammer and papers & elements from Felty Dog Cat kit & Hearts & Pawprints kit by Calico Designs/CMS

Well I'm sad to say that our cat Stupid died today. We knew he was going to die. We had seen the signs for the last couple months so we was prepared somewhat.

But last week animal control came while we were gone and took him and left us a violation on our door. After scheduling an appointment with a vet we was able to get him back.

So we went to the vet's office and they swore that he was dying of feline leukemia. But if we give him this shot of antibiotics and oral doses of antibiotics he should perk back up enough to eat. Once he eats and drinks then he should recover enough to go on for awhile longer. But don't expect much because leukemia is fatal especially this advanced.

What a load of SH**! Oh yes he was dying - of old age! They swore he couldn't be older than 6 or 7 and had really good teeth. BULL! His teeth were loose and bothering him since February! The shot & oral medicine did help perk him up - about as much as a swift kick would of! He didn't eat any more or any less and kept going to the bathroom where he thought was acceptable --- like in the kitchen!

He was doing good. Last night he ate & drank like nothing no different than before. But today we could tell he wasn't gonna make it. So we made a new bed for him and laid him there. By 1 PM we called Darkside's dad to ask if he could put him out after work and he said yes. He said if we didn't want to wait call the vet. So while we looked up the number, Stupid took his last breaths and his heart finally stopped.

I was really upset - still am actually! Because it's just not right! My cat wanted to die peacefully under his favorite tree, outside his favorite place. But NO my idiot neighbor's thought I was being mean and had to call the cat police on me. I WAS doing the best thing for him - why not let him die in peace? He was just an old cat. This way was so much harder on him and us. NO ONE should have to hear their pet die like that!

The kids were upset - #1 went outside and dug the hole and cried, #2 openly cried inside because she said she didn't want him to die yet, #3 went back and forth from inside and out but didn't cry - instead he was very subdued, and #4 was very matter of fact about the whole thing - not real sure she KNOWS but she understands Stupid won't be back.

While digging the grave Darkside moved Stupid into a box and #2 & #4 taped it shut. And #3 found a bottle in the dirt of the grave and suggested filling it with "Stupid dirt". So he did that. (I have more of a story on this but that's for another time)

After Stupid was buried we sealed up the bottle and kinda sat around for the rest of the day. Well they all did - I spent my day making this LO for Stupid. And I plan to make a few more too.

If I'm late getting back to anyone this is why and I hope to catch back up by tomorrow. Here's my LO of Stupid (above).

August 4, 2007


Ok I figured out that NOPE! there ain't no way I'm messing with moving those posts over here LOL! I'm going to do it the lazy way, here's the link to the old blog - and I'm done! LOL! Well I can't help it!

Been doing all kinds of things - too many things actually. But lets start at the top =)

Darkside's site is in the process of being moved to a new server. The old one was crap and kept trying to infect everyone with cooties. So we had to pay for a host and move once again! There are some new pages done there though. Been finally working on the music pages and added two new stats too! Just in case you don't have the link here it is - - IT IS ADULT MATERIAL, most would say P 0 R N so don't go if you don't want to see!

Haven't had a chance to do any new layouts =(

Been busy with all my favorite Yahoo! groups - like Queen's, Voodoo's, homeschooling ones, and Scraps & Shares.

Been getting excited about our plans for next year. We decided that we're probably not going to go RV'ing. But instead more than likely we'll be starting our own homestead =) A new friend of ours - Lady A - is generous enough to help us obtain land in southern Missouri. And it's beautiful land too! I say probably because if you've read the other blog then you know that we always have problems with saying one thing then having to do another.

With those plans ^ I've been busy getting some blue prints drawn up, reading up on MO laws and codes, and figuring out what exactly we'll be taking or needing once there.

Also, we celebrated our 9th anniversary on July 25th. We spent it at home relaxing in the pool =)

Oh and we've had problems with our car, visited by animal control, had a hen die, found ANOTHER small possum, our cat PawPrint had 5 kittens, got a new pool, and found out our cat is dying.

busy, busy, busy

July 29, 2007

first post =)

Well I've taken the plunge and decided to start a blog on here =) I've already had a blog for quite awhile on Myspace but I wanted a change! So here it is.

I blog about all kinds of things so be prepared!

Here's a new LO I finished today -

Credits: template by Misfit Princess, paper & elements by Pamela McNicol’s Digitreats

I may move all my posts from there over here, I haven't decided yet.


July 15, 2007


Oh yeah, and did I forget? Yep I did! Just wanted to share ---

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4th of July 2007

Late to bed but wanted to hurry and post this
My newest LO - it's from when we went to the Whitehall parade on July 3rd.

Credits: template 9 by Michaele Burkhart
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Chronicle, Vol. 1: The 20 Greatest Hits
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July 11, 2007

4th of July 2007

Here's a new layout I did a couple days ago -

Credits: stitching from Good Times kit by 3alfs

it was for a challenge in a forum that I go to alot (DSO)

ok now for some excitement LOL! Guess who came to visit us tonight right before the kids went to bed? Well guess!
a possum! it was under 4's bed!! We still have no idea how it got there! Here's some pictures -

We took him & some cat food and dropped both off at back of the cemetary here in town. He was a cute little thing!

Believe it or not we got a 15' pool given to us! It's the coolest thing that's happened this year........well this month anyway LOL! It's metal walled & got a filter. We just got to get a liner and some steps - and a cover but that can always wait a little bit. We're going to get it all set up early next week. We got it from a REALLY nice couple on FreeCycle™ - I just love FreeCycle!! Here's a website to explain more & so you can find a group near you -

But that also means now we aren't going to go camping in IA next week cause we can't really afford both right now But that's ok cause I can't wait to get my big ass out there in the water! LOL! I just know I'll be burnt up!!

We are getting new cell phones in a couple days - I ordered them today - WOOHOO! Finally! We'll be able to have some great ringtones finally! Although I don't know why it would matter to me cause I hate using anything but the basics anyway LOL! The thing I like about them (besides the fact they were cheap!) is that I will now have free nights & weekends! It'll also be nice to have 2 phones for once

Tried working on Darkside's site tonight, actually both of us was and I guess we confused the server cause it stopped letting us upload LOL! So will have to continue another day. Did get a new page put up on there before it went - BLAH! It's a page about the site & it's history -

Well I still have tons of stuff to say but I'll wait till tomorrow night

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July 5, 2007

scrapbooking LO


Credits: template by Pamela
papers from Aladdin kit by Miss Vivi


Credits: template & paper by Hannah
word art created by Melissa - Scrappy Expressions

I've been so busy with nothing of importance this past week All just major mind work mostly. I need to get ahold of myself and get to work on EVERYTHING.

Hope to be more lively here soon

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