January 28, 2007


Well as you may of seen on my profile I'm back selling AVON. You know what the bi*ch of it is? The lady that sign me up had me make out this list. You know with all the places I'm planning on going to drop of books to. Well on there I put Darkside's workplace. Ya know what she's doing now? Going there dropping off books and trying to recruit one of my customers!! Of course ya can't go around burning bridges so I'm trying to sit back and not say nothing. But this really takes the cake! I'm gonna be really pissed if she screws up things between me & the ladies who order from there.

Other than that things are going ok with the AVON. I've got about 7 customers so far and they are great! I got some business cards, magnets, postcards, and a stamper to help out all for free from here. We ordered all of that for both my AVON and for his new business that he's gonna start this spring and it only cost $13. Most of it was shipping but since we ordered 2 sets of business cards we had to pay for one set ($5). Not bad at all! They got here in like 4 days too.

We're getting ready to do taxes and that's always fun! We've got alot of things planned with the money already. We're redoing all the floors in our house, getting 2 new computers (YEA!), and some new entertainment equipment. We also gotta fix the van.

The both of us forgot to even blog about that (the van). About 3 weeks ago we were heading to go pick up my mom from Hannibal and we hit a deer! We was going about 70 mph!! The bad thing was we weren't even paying attention, who'da thought you'd need to at noon! We was only up to the turnoff for Springfield on the new road so we were able to get home ok. We had to call a tow truck to get the van home but at least it wasn't too far. So we gotta either fix it or the other van we got sitting here. One or the other cause this car of my fil's is not big enough! We look like the clowns at the parade piling in and out

So.....if ya want some AVON let me know I'll be putting in more tomorrow or something cause I tons more to get out on here!

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