February 18, 2007


Well, Darkside is at work again tonight so I'm sitting here bored. I have about a million things I NEED to do but I don't want to do right now.

I finally got to put in my C4 order tonight, it's late going in but should still be here on time. C4 was $380+ !! That's a really good order! This is the size of orders I need to get all year so I can hit PC in 2008. So I gotta make sure I can keep the customers I got & hopefully add about 5 others.

I broke down last week and bought a load of seasoned firewood. This is DEFINETELY the way to go! They catch really easily & fast. So it looks like for this year at least we're spending out more but next year will be cheaper!

Darkside's dad got arrested the other night for DUI finally. He's been driving home drunk from the bar for at least the last 3 years and never got caught. We've been yelling at him not to drive home drunk but he never would listen. We even threatened with calling the police on him, but never did. We're not entirely sure what the penalties are going to be for sure but more than likely he'll lose his license for awhile. This is what worries us the most cause he's not the type to rely on ANYONE for anything. So hopefully everything works out somehow - still gotta work on this one!

I bought some hair color the other day and hopefully I can get it in tonight. It's intense auburn. I wish like hell I could still find the color that I used in my profile pic! But they stopped selling it or changed the color, something cause I can't find it no more. So hopefully this new color will come close. I'll take some before & after pics but not sure if I'll post them on here or not LOL!

Vista so far is ok - it sucks cause IM hasn't upgraded to it yet. So although they say it can't be run on Vista, we run it. And it does ok but not the same as before. For one I can't patch it and thumbnails don't show up in the stylebox. So this makes things difficult to say the least.

Well I've blabbed enough I guess. I'll go mess with my profile for awhile now =)


oh yea - and I'm still sick

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