February 28, 2007


Well the hair color was a success! The ones I bought the other day I took back so I could buy a different color on Walgreen's website. And it came pretty close! I bought L'Oreal Color Pulse - funky cherry, it's just a temporary color mouse but that's better for me for now. The reviews on the site said that it doesn't go away the way the box said so that's helpful. I had Darkside help me with putting it in and even though he covered every single part - it was almost dripping off! - it still didn't dye it completely. I've been having problems with that and regular color too. So maybe it's just my hair recently. It smelled really good too!! Nothing like regular color!

There's a pic of my new color & #3 doing what he does best. He worked for like 30 mins to get them all to stay and then begged me to snap a pic LOL!

I really wish that I talked to my cousin Amy cause that's who he is like. Just like her always wanting all the attention and not caring how outlandish they are to get it. Definetely one of kind type of people! Makes me wonder if he will follow the same life path as her. If so it's completely ok with me but it would definetely be neat as they are so similar in many ways already. Time will tell.

I was going to go to a distric meeting for Avon today but sadly I couldn't. I got about half way there and the car was just shaking too much for me to go on. I was too scared to try to go any farther. So I turned around to come home But on the way I got a bright idea - go see if Mouse could tell me what was wrong. Well great idea but he wasn't home. So his wife gave me his cell number and I'll have to call later. Hopefully it's just a tire or something kinda cheap. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a car that will just be sitting for the next year!

Darkside STILL has NOT fixed the van! He just said to me I'll fix it soon, I swear! So in 2 weeks when it's still not fixed I can refer to this and prove to him that he's slacking LOL!

I'm planning on completely rebuilding my profile soon. I've been trying out different layouts from sites (as you may have noticed). I just don't like them though so I'll be working on it soon.

The site I wanted to tell everyone about is Fly Lady.com I've just discovered it 2 days ago and I love the concept! But I am forever the procrastinator so I'm not sure how good I'll do with it. It's a really neat idea for someone just like me though!

Right now I'm soooooooo tired! So I'm going to go take a nap with #4 and hopefully not sleep too long!


gotta love digital underground!!

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