February 27, 2007

new laptop!

Well I'm completely writing this from the new laptop - MY new laptop! I love saying that - And let me tell you it wasn't the easiest thing to figure out -- the networking I mean.
First we tried w/o a router. Umm - DUH! gotta have a router. Don't get me wrong some of the wireless capabilities were there with transfering things but not the way it was supposed to be & there wasn't any internet. So next we went and got a router from good ole Wally World (cheapest there!) and headed over to Darkside's friend's house. This trip made me feel ALOT better! Cause this guy has networked his whole house & does this kinda thing for a living and he tries to set it up -- NOPE! Couldn't figure it out for about 30 mins! But then he figures out some of the problem - his network can't see us cause we're running Vista. So he says when you get home run the setup CD & connect -- should be no problems. YEA RIGHT! Didn't work like that at all. So we ended up calling tech support which we had the great opportunity to talk to a guy in some other country who of course acted like we were stupid Although there is NO answers to this problem in their site's FAQ - UGH! But anyway after both Darkside & I had to talk to him cause neither of us could understand him, we find out that we're special (no that kind of SPECIAL!!). We had to change some numbers on this one part -- whoop-t-doo! Who'da thought all those problems would of been from that?!
But anyway after I did all that blabbing and I still got lots more! LOL!
I watched Transamerica finally - I have had it from blockbuster for about a month now! I really liked it! Definetely not a movie most guys will want to see though! Darkside didn't watch with me - he was watching The Crow again =). All the actors in it did GREAT! Felicity Huffman was the best! But towards the end I couldn't believe it she did a full body nudity shot!! Though I'm not sure it was her actual body, ya know? Maybe it was some kind of body suit thing cause her boobs look MUCH bigger on Desperate Housewives. I know leave it to me to point out such a weird thing but can't help it! Darkside has influenced me LOL! AND -- gay porn has fluff boys!! I guess I never thought of that before! I know, I know - DUH ANNE! Definetely a movie to NOT let the kids see!
We was all sick again on Sun & Mon hopefully there won't be anymore in this house again this year! Twice back to back is enough for all of us!!
The second part of our tax money is here so our house is about to be a BIG mess. Does anyone want to help?? I hope to do all our floors as cheaply as possible - without cutting any corners! Umm... just in case I forgot to say it before - we're going to pull up all the floors in our house and replace with new subfloor (fancy word for plywood - @ $20 a sheet does it need a fancy word??). We're also going to lay vinyl tile in ALL the rooms, then lay carpet where we want it. This is so when the carpet gets too bad I can just pull it up and we still have an available floor covering. I absolutely detest dirty, stained carpet! So this way when I can't stand it no more I can toss the carpet instead of trying to shampoo over and over again. And with having 3 cats (2 picky males) and a small dog (with hopes to get a puppy soon) we need the ability to mop up any messes!
But with doing the floors around Darkside's schedule it will be a big mess here. But I'm so tired of about breaking my neck by stepping into the weak spots! Of course while we got the floors up we're going to redo some of the piping. Even though it's only a year old we had some 2nd thoughts on how we want to do things. Plus we're going to move the washer & sink in the master bath, not counting the fact that the 2 bathroom has to be completely redone! So with doing all that work we're also moving things around - who wouldn't when you got it all apart like that?!
I'm also hoping to get someone here to look at all our electricity too. Cause as some of you know, we have no electricity on one whole side of the house & the boy's room. Supposedly a cousin of mine is going to look at it? Never can tell with what someone says they'll do though.
Ok last thing - I think LOL! After last years storms & tornados I am hoping to be better prepared this year. If you didn't know before - we live in a trailer, so storms kinda scare me! Last year we had our old house & my grandma's to go to when the bad ones came through. This year we have nothing. So in light of this - plus I hate relying on anyone else! - I have been looking into how to build your own storm shelter. I've had a little bit of luck but I'm not completely sure on which type I want yet. What I want is something half in the ground, half out - built with concrete block reinforced with rebar & filled with concrete - with the roof attached somehow to the rebar that is sticking up through the top of the walls - double wall front leading to a door (kinda like a park bathroom) - and even more dirt piled up on the sides. Alot I know! But I want it to be sturdy & I was gonna have it double as a root cellar type place. I may of already spent all the money with all ^^ that stuff so it may not be something I can do this year. If not then I have this friend *nudge, nudge* who loves me so much **your reading this right?!** that hopefully I'll be able to camp out at her house when the storms come through!! Other than that I'm screwed on options this year.
Are you reading this my bestest friend with a mother of the same name??? You know who you are! LMAO! Hey while I'm thinking about it - Darkside said his email box is empty LOL! Just j/k'ing! <--- ya know you could always send this one to him
well that's all for now............. I know too much already but oh well! Next time some on a new site I'm loving!!
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