March 30, 2007

stupid ver*zon!

Well I haven't been able to write lately We've just been too busy!

Plus, I got into it with the phone company - f**kin Verizon! I'm so sick of their screwed up ways of doing things. **stupid blonde thing next ->** So I told them to shove their DSL up their pooper! STUPID ANNE! I completely and utterly despise dial-up. I have no clue how people can even DO anything with it. My mail won't d/l and it's getting REALLY backed up! And what really sucks is that I can't call anyone while online. I am ashamed to say how many times I've picked up the phone to call out and heard that damn dial-up noise LOL! Tonight I tried to d/l a nice little program someone was just too great to upload for me and UGH! Something that was only like 50mb took about an hour! So needless to say when Darkside's ex pays child support this next week I'm getting DSL back - one way or another! Hopefully through Earthlink - their the only ones I've found so far that will do DSL here beside f**kin Verizon.

I've got many pics to show everyone but with dial-up, not gonna happen.

Avon's been chuggin along got 2 new customers this past campaign, so that's always good!

Finally went to the library and got those books. The Teenage Liberation Handbook isn't my cup of tea but that's probably because it's meant for a teenager and not a parent. But I read it anyway, just in case. I've got about 4 other un/home/schooling books here that I got too but haven't really dug into them yet.

We got our stuff from VistaPrint today YEA! I just love getting stuff from them! This time we got stuff with our new number on them and some postcards for our now ANNUAL halloween party -YEA! They're the best out of the whole box! Can't wait to stick em in the mail!

I also finally dug out my story I hadn't worked on it since 05!! I've only added about 3 paragraphs to it but it's a start! I'm gonna start pasting bits and pieces of it in here from time to time - I just love how seeing something online kinda concretes it (ya know?).

Now I gotta go do some website designing. Hope everyone has a great Friday night!

Amanda might remember this
Well I'm not sure where to begin this really. I'm thinking it's best to start somewhat at the beginning and work forward. Well work at least up until present time whenever I decide to end this. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to write an autobiography, don't ask me why, just wanted to. Possibly cause I'm always saying I remember everything cause no one else bothers to. And I know someday I may not remember and then who will? This way it's set in paper (or disk….haha!), hopefully to never be forgotten.

But as I was saying, I always have wanted to write this. Over the years I of course told different friends and acquaintances that I would write about this or that which was happening at the time. And they would either give me a nod and a look that said, "Yea, right - NOT!" or they would roll their eyes openly and say, "yea Anne, sure!". A few would say, "Yea and you could say this and this" or "that would be cool to read about someday". No one ever objected or said don't put my name in there or don't write about me. Till one day in December 1995. And the last person I ever thought would say something said, "Don't put my name in there". Let me explain, this guy was one of the nicest, happy-go-lucky person I've ever met. He was up for anything and everything, never serious. Or so I thought. But when he said that he was as serious as I have ever seen him. I tried to laugh it off when he said that, but he said, "No, I'm serious. Don't even put me in it". And I told him I'd just put your initials, not your full name or anything. And he said, "No, nothing at all!". Now some of you may be saying to yourselves, she didn't listen none, huh. Well I did listen. But that dear friend passed from this earth not to long ago (as I write, anyhow). And I would really like for everyone to remember him. He was a very dear man who in his own way brought lots to this earth. All who ever had the pleasure of meeting him will sadly miss him. Also I believe that had I got the chance to re-ask if I could add him in my story, I think he would have said yes. I think he would have turned to me and said, "What?! I don't remember that at all!" (I get that a lot. The point of this remember?)

Now those of you who know me and run in the same circles don't be bugging me about who it is. I'll never tell. Those who were there should of remembered, and if you don't then too bad! I will someday reveal this story to his offspring and besides that, no one else needs to know.

But for that friend, I hope your having fun doing what you did best - slaying dragons, sitting on your very own throne made of gold, smoking some fat ones, succeeding at being that ultimate dealer you always tried to do here, and of course getting it on with as many females as possible. I know your having the time of your life. You'll be greatly missed, always.

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March 12, 2007

remodeling 2007

Well we finally got busy today. Here's some pictures (below) We took a bunch of video but have no way of putting it on here yet so pictures will have to do!

We're having to use only cold water & the kids' bathroom! YUCK!! But at least we got a bathroom LOL!

I warn you now it looks terrible!!

March 11, 2007

stoner conversations

Well last night Darkside & I had what I do believe is our very 1st stoner conversation! You know the kind, where your talking about something that is REALLY deep and all questioning and know one knows the answers? The kind of conversation that when your done your head hurts, you think smokes gonna come out your ears, & it even hurts the NEXT DAY to think about it. Yep we had one of those, about eyes of all things! Worst part is - we WEREN'T high! Although #3's farts are mind altering! LOL! But seriously we DONT do drugs.
Yea definitely unusual - haven't had that happen since 1998 or 1999 when I was bored and starting reading the Time Almanac about space & the galaxy. WHOA! That one still throws me for a loop! Let me explain.
Somehow in my school years I never managed to learn alot about space other than there are other planets in our galaxy & they have moons too. That's it - nothing more. And while I was growing up my mom & extended family always had the idea that anything that ISN'T in the bible doesn't exist. Well check your version but mine doesn't have anything AT ALL about other planets in other galaxies and so forth. So when I seen in the Time Almanac that there are other galaxies & planets I was BLOWED AWAY! For about a week straight I was so speechless & damn did my head hurt! LOL! Good thing Darkside knew ALOT about all this or I'd be screwed. (he loves me )
Another big hole I have in my learning is about dinosaurs. I missed that section in all the schools I was in & my family always said it was BS that they weren't real.
But anyway it was definitely a trip to have that conversation last night.
Well I didn't get to the library this week, though I really wanted to My new goal is to go this next week though!
I went to an open house that my UL held today. It was a flop, but she tried real hard - put an ad in the shopper and everything. But it was still fun to get to talk to her and my DM since I missed the sales meeting last month. There was also another kinda new rep there too but I didn't catch her name. Like a dumbass I forgot to even introduce myself
And while I'm sitting there sharing ideas with them on different things you can do I find out that I am further a idiot. See I got this idea off of somewhere to use scrapbooking glue dots for putting samples in my books. So like a good little Avon rep I ran out to Walmart and bought some and have been using them like crazy. Did ya catch my mess up? Yep - I didn't TEST them out! So today as I'm showing them that of course they come right off (the samples) - off came the sample with part of the page I felt like the biggest idiot ever! My UL said she loves using double side tape so I think I'll go with that. I asked a scrapbooking friend of mine (since I don't know about this stuff!) about what she would use but she hasn't got back to me yet. Maybe she will have a good idea too.
But it was a great get together though either way. While I'm thinking about it does anyone know of any good job fairs in the area? Just trying another new idea
well I got like 600 emails to still go through so I better go for now.
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March 8, 2007

my story

well while I sit here wait for Darkside to get done blogging I figured I could drop a couple lines

If ya live in Roodhouse (maybe Whitehall too!) & tomorrow get an AVON book on your door or porch then YEP it was me! We're planning on going out tomorrow and toss all my books - about 150 of them. Darkside was laughing and saying how there probably ain't even that many houses here LOL! I guess if I run out of houses I'll give one to everyone's dog - then everyone & their dog will have one

Writing in the blog so much has got me really wanting to finish my book, especially since I said once I got a laptop I'd really work on it. Most of you probably don't remember (or was never told) that I planned to someday write up my life story. Well I've already started - got about 12 pages done so far! Bad part is I always do things in order and so that's just covering my family LOL! Gotta remember though, I got a BIG family - just my mom's side has more than 50 from my grandma & grandpa & down! (I could be off in my numbers by about 5, but don't think so) scary part is there ain't been a lull in the addition since the 80's!

But anyway - what really got me thinking about it is I went into one of my speil's about my past today. It was about the summer & fall of 95 - this trip down lasted about an hour. Though the kids thought I talked FOREVER of course LOL!

And no I'm not one of those holier-than-thou types that think I just led such a FABULOUS life that everyone would WANT to read about it. I just want to have an account of my life so that way if anything should ever happen, then my kids will know my stories forever. Cause as irony would have it, I will probably have a stroke & not remember. I have this little quirk about me that MAKES me remember EVERYTHING with great detail. Most other regular people will be like - HUH? How'd ya remember that one Anne? and stoners - don't even get me started! You'd think with all the shit I'd done over the years I wouldn't remember - but NOPE! Which is good actually cause I really need all those brain cells now. I also have other things working against me though - I have high blood pressure & a family history of strokes. Multiple strokes that unfortunately leave brain damage. Yeah, great odds, eh? Get to writing Anne!

And you know what - something I just thought of (family & health issues, etc.) It's real nice how everyone (like WIC) went around saying if you breastfeed it reduced your risks to get breast cancer. That shit is WRONG! My grandma breastfed (for longer than a couple months) 4 of the 7 kids and guess what? She just was diagnosed with breast cancer last year! At 70 something! And guess who listened to those people (like WIC)? YEP yours truly! I've breastfed 2 of the 4 - and let me tell you #3 was a MONSTER! That boy would of sucked a milk cow dry! So look at me people - I'm a dur-da-dur!

Still ain't made it to the library yet

well he's been done, gotta go!

*edited* - his thing is screwing up for now so if ya wanted to read it too then you'll have to wait till later!

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March 7, 2007

glory hallelujah!

hmmmm.......just wondering what kinds of things I can glorify today

Naw, just sitting and reflecting over my day. Ok to start out - I got up @ 9am today & stayed up! YEA! And I didn't even have an appointment or anything! LOL! If you only knew how hard that was for me. Last year (wow almost EXACTLY 1 year ago!) we hooked up with some old friends of ours and our schedule SEVERELY got screwed up. Like we was going to bed at 4-5 am and not getting up till noon! We usually are NOT like that, not that we don't enjoy staying up late - just not that late! But we had some good times while hanging out with those old friends so it was worth it. We're just horrible in the self control areas of life! Well actually I should be honest - I am horrible and I evilly influenced Darkside *insert evil laugh here* LOL!

But anyway back on topic (there was one right??). I got up @ 9am and made the ever hungry #4 breakfast - cake (mmmm....not that I got any ). I swear as long as food ISN'T something I'm trying to make for a meal - she'll eat it w/2nd's even! But any other time - NOPE! Later Darkside got up. Then we sat here trying to get our lists together - then left @ about 2pm. We're like turtles here. We went to J'ville and got very, very little done. Our life is like this usually, sucks huh?

#2 went to my aunt's house to spend the night last night & tonight. She likes going but the two of them really get on each others nerves after awhile. Weird huh - a almost 11 yr old & a 50-something - and they get on each others nerves! Did I ever say my family was normal? NOPE!!!

Oh yeah, and my wonderful & talented husband FIXED the van yesterday! It took him NO time at all! I knew he could We got it all back legal today so I'll be able to drive my baby again!

Tonight I seen a girl I went to daycare with when I was like 3 - 11 yrs old. She's a couple years older than me but we were usually all shoved in together. We both did Saturday which there was never very many on that day. UGH! Her & her friends were so "we are royal - your nothing" - WHATEVER! But that's how kids are. But I am continually amazed of how everyone (pretty much) stays looking the same as they did when they are young. Which is good in alot of ways - cause that means I look the same then too, right???? LOL!

My birthday is coming up next month. I'm turning the dreaded 28. Don't ask me why but I DREAD turning 28. All the other ones don't really bother me - ya know like 30, 40, etc. But cause of dear ole mom I can't even begin to like turning 28 or 36 - yea 36 will definitely SUCK! Probably cause both of those years she really bombed out as a person in general - let alone being a mother. So I've really been hating knowing I'm turning 28 next month. Maybe if I say it alot it'll be not so tragic??? worth a shot. not!

ok, this is one of those whiny type ones that may get deleted so get your share now
i blame it on hormones - yea that's it!

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March 5, 2007


Well nothing extraordinary happened here today. I finished setting the kids' accounts up on the computer, Darkside had to work (YEA! ), and I watched the episodes of The new adventures of Old Christine that they had on I LOVE that show!

OH - and I completely redid my profile - on my own! It was a great adventure let me tell ya! I've never worked with css so it was definitely different. Although I wish some things were different, it's ok for now Next I get the pleasure of doing Darkside's - WOOHOO! It will be a challenge to say the least!

But there was something else I really want to write about tonight. It's about homeschooling (hs) & parenting. As some of you know we hs our kids, but we are also VERY unorganized & a un-scheduled family. From time to time I start to have doubts (not that I would voice them to anyone but Darkside!) about whether or not we are going about this the right way - meaning hs & unschooling. And I usually end up having to remind myself why EXACTLY we are doing this. Kind of like - well if we sent the kids to public school we wouldn't be happy because... OR if the kids went to public school they wouldn't be happy because...

Usually this doubtful thinking on hsing is followed by my usual breakdown of whether or not we're doing things ok in the way we are raising our kids. Like our rules, punishments, and even just general way things work in our family.

I think that it is possible most good parents question their ability to make the "right" decisions in their children's lives. If you don't ever question your ability - then maybe your TOO confident, which may mean your doing it wrong.

I always (when dealing w/ these breakdowns) remind myself that if my mother & Darkside's parents (which aren't as bad!) could raise us & we turned out decent - then anything is possible. My mom never questioned herself about how she was raising me & my brother - NOPE! She did it EXACTLY the same way she was raised. And Darkside's parents they questioned here and there but still stuck by what was pretty much normal for the times. Darkside, believe it or not LOL!, turned out all-in-all a more solid person than I did. So with us completely flipping in methods (but keeping the good ones from his parents) we should end up with some GREAT kids

And we already get told that all the time now - so we're off to a great start!

Plus I really need to get this book that a fellow hs'er recommended that is supposed to be very reassuring - Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn. Maybe I'll head to the library this week and get it sent. Now there's a goal! A couple of good homeschooling books should perk me up!


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March 3, 2007


Well I didn't get a entry in earlier, or my order But since I had to wait I did get one more order YAY! Bringing my total over $200! And the great part is mine & the kids' is only about $35 (books & all!).
We got the car fixed today. Wouldn't ya know it - just a bad tire! So we did a quick and easy fix & put on a doughnut for now. We need to go & get some "new" old tires and put them on the rims cause they all are pretty beat up. And since this is just an extra car, I don't want it to be broke down if we need it again.
I got the tax money today so now it's truly ours & safely tucked away for all our projects. Not that we've started anything yet but we will this next week.
Oh yeah just on the VERY OFF CHANCE that Richard or any of those guys are reading this - tell Chris he's needed down here!! Darkside would just kill to have him helping out with the van since he just did a similar job last year. But that is more than likely a very, very off chance
And WHEW buddy those Avon boards were going today! All those women's hormones were just a going! It was a Darkside-day there today LOL
I called the vet today and made the appointment for PawPrint Jello M. to go get fixed. She's #3's cat and she's been in heat twice in the last month or so! UGH! I don't recommend anyone go through that! But come March 27th THAT won't be a problem anymore. The bad thing is when we got her the neighbors said oh yeah it's a boy - YEA right!
And now we got a little cat (not really a kitten) under the house that's wild. Hopefully the way it's been fighting with Peanut & Stupid it's a boy too! It looks like it could be from the same litter as Peanut, same size & markings. So much so that I thought it was Peanut sitting out on the sidewalk one day when we pulled up. If it's a girl & we can tame it this summer we'll have to fix it too I hate to do that but I don't want a bunch of kittens all over.
I am so sick of messing with these new computers! Today they had me crying twice! It's just such a pain in the ass cause they don't do what they are supposed to. But then the next minute - their working?!?! It's the networking thing & Darkside's not wanting to shut down. HE got a great idea (even though I told him it WOULD NOT work!), let call tech support to HP. So he calls and yet again ANOTHER foriegn guy who could barely speak english! (we did think about calling the other countries tech supports cause then maybe we'd get an english speaking person LOL!!) But Darkside sits and does all the steps the tech says for about 30 mins - still not fixed. Then Darkside's like - I can't understand him -YEA RIGHT! But ok I get on the phone and I sit and do everything for about 30 mins - still no change. Then - GET THIS - dude HANGS UP ON ME!! I'm like ???? By this time I'm cussing mad, about to cry and I give up. To hell with it! Flip the damn switch to shut it down till someone with have a brain puts up a tips & fixes for Vista webpage. How long should it take 6 mos to a year? We've been shutting down Frankie like that for over a year and he still works fine ~ well as good as he can anyway! LOL!
It was so funny (forgot to say it last night) - last night when I went to take my aunt's order to her as soon as I walked in her granddaughter who's 15 says to me - "WHAT did you do to your hair??" hands on the hips & all LOL!! Too cute! Then today my grandma came by & she said "OH Anne, how could you do that to your pretty hair! I'm always telling everyone how pretty your hair is." At least someone noticed & said something, right? So it's noticeable
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March 2, 2007

Matt Hardy

Well I planned on being in bed by now but NOPE! I have a new addiction, I'll freely admit it I am ever so slightly (yea right!) addicted to reading Matt Hardy's blog on here & reading all the drama on the Avon erep message boards! Crazy I know but soooo much easier to read that stuff than to try to relearn all the different story lines on Y&R or Days!! LOL! So that's why I'm still up had to write a comment on Matt's blog - my first comment ever on a blog! His blogs are just great!!
I didn't do so good on sales this campaign It's cause we've been sick twice in the last 2 weeks. But hopefully next campaign will be better. I really got to get on the ball with getting new customers cause I really want to achieve President's Club next year. But I'm not sure I'll be able to, though I'm gonna try.
UGH! We got so much to do and I'm a lazy person so I don't know how this is going to work LOL! Um.......maybe I can pay someone else to do my part??? LOL!! I know, I know - just gotta buck up and get busy. Gotta get to bed 1st LOL!
I'll probably post twice today cause this one is so late - sorry but you can always just click on by if I bore you - nah...ya'll love me too much
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