March 5, 2007


Well nothing extraordinary happened here today. I finished setting the kids' accounts up on the computer, Darkside had to work (YEA! ), and I watched the episodes of The new adventures of Old Christine that they had on I LOVE that show!

OH - and I completely redid my profile - on my own! It was a great adventure let me tell ya! I've never worked with css so it was definitely different. Although I wish some things were different, it's ok for now Next I get the pleasure of doing Darkside's - WOOHOO! It will be a challenge to say the least!

But there was something else I really want to write about tonight. It's about homeschooling (hs) & parenting. As some of you know we hs our kids, but we are also VERY unorganized & a un-scheduled family. From time to time I start to have doubts (not that I would voice them to anyone but Darkside!) about whether or not we are going about this the right way - meaning hs & unschooling. And I usually end up having to remind myself why EXACTLY we are doing this. Kind of like - well if we sent the kids to public school we wouldn't be happy because... OR if the kids went to public school they wouldn't be happy because...

Usually this doubtful thinking on hsing is followed by my usual breakdown of whether or not we're doing things ok in the way we are raising our kids. Like our rules, punishments, and even just general way things work in our family.

I think that it is possible most good parents question their ability to make the "right" decisions in their children's lives. If you don't ever question your ability - then maybe your TOO confident, which may mean your doing it wrong.

I always (when dealing w/ these breakdowns) remind myself that if my mother & Darkside's parents (which aren't as bad!) could raise us & we turned out decent - then anything is possible. My mom never questioned herself about how she was raising me & my brother - NOPE! She did it EXACTLY the same way she was raised. And Darkside's parents they questioned here and there but still stuck by what was pretty much normal for the times. Darkside, believe it or not LOL!, turned out all-in-all a more solid person than I did. So with us completely flipping in methods (but keeping the good ones from his parents) we should end up with some GREAT kids

And we already get told that all the time now - so we're off to a great start!

Plus I really need to get this book that a fellow hs'er recommended that is supposed to be very reassuring - Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn. Maybe I'll head to the library this week and get it sent. Now there's a goal! A couple of good homeschooling books should perk me up!


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