March 8, 2007

my story

well while I sit here wait for Darkside to get done blogging I figured I could drop a couple lines

If ya live in Roodhouse (maybe Whitehall too!) & tomorrow get an AVON book on your door or porch then YEP it was me! We're planning on going out tomorrow and toss all my books - about 150 of them. Darkside was laughing and saying how there probably ain't even that many houses here LOL! I guess if I run out of houses I'll give one to everyone's dog - then everyone & their dog will have one

Writing in the blog so much has got me really wanting to finish my book, especially since I said once I got a laptop I'd really work on it. Most of you probably don't remember (or was never told) that I planned to someday write up my life story. Well I've already started - got about 12 pages done so far! Bad part is I always do things in order and so that's just covering my family LOL! Gotta remember though, I got a BIG family - just my mom's side has more than 50 from my grandma & grandpa & down! (I could be off in my numbers by about 5, but don't think so) scary part is there ain't been a lull in the addition since the 80's!

But anyway - what really got me thinking about it is I went into one of my speil's about my past today. It was about the summer & fall of 95 - this trip down lasted about an hour. Though the kids thought I talked FOREVER of course LOL!

And no I'm not one of those holier-than-thou types that think I just led such a FABULOUS life that everyone would WANT to read about it. I just want to have an account of my life so that way if anything should ever happen, then my kids will know my stories forever. Cause as irony would have it, I will probably have a stroke & not remember. I have this little quirk about me that MAKES me remember EVERYTHING with great detail. Most other regular people will be like - HUH? How'd ya remember that one Anne? and stoners - don't even get me started! You'd think with all the shit I'd done over the years I wouldn't remember - but NOPE! Which is good actually cause I really need all those brain cells now. I also have other things working against me though - I have high blood pressure & a family history of strokes. Multiple strokes that unfortunately leave brain damage. Yeah, great odds, eh? Get to writing Anne!

And you know what - something I just thought of (family & health issues, etc.) It's real nice how everyone (like WIC) went around saying if you breastfeed it reduced your risks to get breast cancer. That shit is WRONG! My grandma breastfed (for longer than a couple months) 4 of the 7 kids and guess what? She just was diagnosed with breast cancer last year! At 70 something! And guess who listened to those people (like WIC)? YEP yours truly! I've breastfed 2 of the 4 - and let me tell you #3 was a MONSTER! That boy would of sucked a milk cow dry! So look at me people - I'm a dur-da-dur!

Still ain't made it to the library yet

well he's been done, gotta go!

*edited* - his thing is screwing up for now so if ya wanted to read it too then you'll have to wait till later!

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