April 29, 2007


you know what I'm feeling tipsy - for the first time in ohhhhhhhhh about a year. know what else? people change, yet they stay the same. I know don't make no sense but still - it's my story!
this will be one of those all over blogs - i can see it now!
i've realized with this past night that sometimes it best to just leave well enough alone - that sometimes although there are not clear signs that someone is done, but in fact they are. trouble is I am one of those people that don't know when to stop I wish people would just be like hey I'm done. but nope they dont do that so I'm left to figure it out on my own ----- I know a fuckin riddle but so is life!
tonight i realized how much I miss our old housemates & drinking buddies - i love it when I have another woman in cahoots with me LOL!
tonight i realized also that some people like to hold the title but not many actually follow through - or ACTUALLY are what they say they are
oh well it was insightful night for me - so that's a plus! now a story =)
there was this one time a band camp...........
naw I'm playing!
about ready for a sex story?? well I got one today!
this one day I was drinking Canadian Mist Whiskey - the first of many gallons I helped finish this summer (1994) although i did many crazy things this summer one day was especially crazy. Me and a good friend (guy) was drinking with another friend (girl) and we decided it'd be really cool if he'd try on his sister's (?) prom dress - which was funnier than hell cause of course we were drunk by now.
For some reason we decided that to hell with it we'd go ahead and have sex - what the hell we were friends after all! So onward we proceded - to have sex with him in his sister's prom dress and I semi-dressed. Let me tell you - it was the weirdest sex I think I've ever had - which says alot!! We was before that and after that the bestest friends although we decided that after that point not to mention it LOL! And also to always have ready and willing partners to "boink!" when we drank after that day LOL!
he's another long lost friend of mine I wish I could sit next too and say - hey remember that time...... LOL!
good times, good times!
as a side note to the above, I should mention of how I look at sex in general. I don't see sex as this all powerful "love" thing. I see sex as the equivelant of experience points. I have lots of exp. points and we'll leave it as that! I never regret any of it - never will - but I also don't ignore it either!
oh well most people don't understand it - just me
better go before I type something I shouldn't!
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April 28, 2007


Well I've become lazy and not posted in awhile - no surprise! But I'm attempting to kick myself into gear. Entirely too much shit has happened of late. Here's a run down - this will be long!

I'm talking to my mom & brother again - big surprise huh. Same ole shit just different address.

AVON has been a little on the crappy side lately. I didn't go to that seminar cause the lady that was going to give me a ride couldn't go and there ain't NO WAY I'm driving in St. Louis by myself! We drove over to Pittsfield for the sales meeting on Wed but I chickened out of going in so no meeting for me this month.

Sally should be in her new house by now? I'm not sure cause she hasn't called in a couple days. I hope we're still on for tomorrow night - I'm ready for some "free" time. Plus I love it when someone else gets old and not me LOL! I am planning one of my specialties to bring along, gonna get started on it tomorrow morning.

Darkside's job & boss sucks! I'm so ready to ditch this! They just fired two really great people for shitty reasons - plus those two ordered from me alot We've been looking into starting up our own business - not a work @ home type thing - but a real brick and mortar type thing. If it will follow thru and not fall thru!

We're still not done remodeling - don't think we ever will be! We've got side tracked with lack of funds and not enough time to do things. But Darkside did get a chicken coop built halfway and I've been working on the living room walls. We bought new paint too - a gold-ish & brick-ish colors.

I've been really noticing lately how I've pretty much ran out of time yet again. #4 turns 4 this year still no new babies This really sucks cause it seems as if they are spacing out every five years and that's just not right! Cause if I get pregnant right now I'd be due in Jan 08 which means the other kids would be 15, 12, 10, 5. I'm never gonna make it to having 13 kids by 40 yrs old!!

Which is really shitty considering all the people who just don't care about their kids and can pop them out without any effort! <-- trying not to dewell on that right now! I've been talking to Robyn here and there and ya know what? I now know I'm not crazy! LOL! Her and Pam (her mom) have the same type of relationship as me and my mom. This makes me feel so much better cause then I now have proof that the whole family including me are wack jobs. Also, I know this is a long shot but ...... WARNING - BITERNESS TO FOLLOW!!! ****** Well I've deleted all this because apparently I've remembered wrong and instead of changing out the details here and there I'll just delete it. I was obviously having a bad day when I wrote this! ***edited 07/18/08*** I'm done now, sorry about that ^^ had to be done though! No story as the above was enough. later..........
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April 12, 2007

easter 2007

Well ain't life grand?!?!

Here ya go Sally ---> I went over to Sally's today and painted, again! A creamish white that she SWEARS is not white - yeaaaaaaaaa! LOL! J/K'ing It looks like a million bucks now in there - like something I could only wish for. Her little girl's room is just darling! Both my girls were instantly jealous and asking for the same stuff And Justin grossed me out with his cell phone! I WILL pay him back - just wait

I went to the dinner on Sunday. My cousin Billy Ann didn't show but her dad, kids, and dh? did. Her kids look alot like her. My cousin Robyn came and it was great to see her. We hadn't talked for awhile but we got to on Sunday a bit and she's called since then My aunt Arlene really went all out with everything. She gave all the kids baskets and the adults too that were really cute.

Well on the 26th I'm going to a seminar type thing for AVON leadership. Not sure if that's what I really want to do but it's worth learning about. My orders haven't been increasing but they haven't decreased too much either. With it being so cold lately I haven't been able to get out and canvas as much as I'd like. But warm weather should be coming.

I DIDN'T get my potatoes planted! I hope that they will still do good if I plant them late. I bought some tulip & daffidols that were half dead from Home Depot so I can hopefully replant them this fall and get some coming up next year. I still haven't started any seeds inside yet - gotta get on the ball.

We bought 3 new chicks Tuesday! I can't remember what kinds now They are all getting along good though. My cat Stupid is getting worse but we don't know what exactly is wrong with him. I think it may be a bad tooth? He's not been doing the best though.

I haven't been writing in my story - been too tired lately. But maybe tomorrow. I've really been thinking alot about the past lately - getting old.

Oh and Tuesday while in town I seen an old friend from school at the bank. Miss Laura She looked exactly the same! And me like a dork, I starting choking and couldn't even talk! I felt like such a dumbass! So next time I'm planning on walking in so I can talk easier - it was great seeing her again

oh and Sally - I still have that song in my mind! 12345, 678910, 1112 - dodadoodo dodadoodo - AGHHHHHHHH!!!

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April 4, 2007

pre-Easter 07

Well as far as we can tell Sunday we'll be going to my aunt Arlene's for an Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Another day or so should tell us for sure though cause if there's rain in the forecast then no egg hunt.

But what I didn't realize is that the WHOLE family has been invited! The way Arlene made it sound it was going to just be her family, but nope! My cousin Billy Ann is even supposed to be there! So that would be cool cause I haven't seen her kids before. It's a good opportunity for me to sell more Avon too!

But I'm sure that I've put more into seeing everyone again than I should. Cause for some reason most people aren't like me with these kinds of things. Cause to me it's like great, now we can be BACK in touch since we haven't seen each other for so long and everything can go back the way it was. Yes I know things have changed but you know the basics of the relationship hasn't - we're still cousins/friends/aquaintances. Just now there are kids, spouses, and jobs to contend with instead of school, parents, and no driver's license's. Oh yeah and ya can't just spend the night without some reason - a REAL reason LOL!

But I guess I'm weird like that.

I did tell Arlene that I would bring some eggs filled w/ candy - got that done tonight. Also I told her that I would bring something for dessert. I'm really wanting to try something neat/difficult/that has WOW appeal. So next just to find a great Easter WOW dessert plate/dish/treat.

Oh yeah and we won't get to stay the whole time cause Darkside has to work 4-11

I got another two pages done today on my story so that's great! It's just moving along too

well that's all for now - I'm dead tired!

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April 3, 2007


Well not too much to say tonight. I'm tired cause SOMEONE called here at 9am and woke us up It was quite a shock too cause we figured something bad must of happened but nope - just a normal shoot the shit kinda call.

With that call we was able to obtain a tape of WrestleMania 23 (?) and RAW (tonight's), thank the gods! #1 was driving us BONKERS!! He wanted to know who won & was wanting to watch it but we don't have cable. So yea, we had to hear it - ALOT!

We all went down and helped Sally paint some more. My elbow is killing me now! She's got 2 rooms down and about 3 more to go. fun, fun.

Tomorrow we're going to get more finished up here at the house hopefully. We still got to mud & paint a bunch. Plus all the outside work too < src="http://x.myspace.com/images/blog/smileys/dirty.gif"> For one when I called I got a forgeiner (sp?) that couldn't speak english - UGH! Reading off of the screen the EXACT same thing I could on my own on their website. But before he started his speil I managed to get a couple questions out. And here's the main reason we're not getting it - I would have to wait 7-10 day for the modem to arrive. I've already called and got cable (w/ internet) coming on the 20th, so waiting for the modem is not an option. But really gets me is that on the website it's says you can use the equipment you already have usually. Ok - I HAVE a modem already, actually I have 3 different brands!! On top of that this modem - that I shouldn't need, mind you - is going to cost me $19.95 for them to ship it to me! This shit don't make no sense at all!! So there's why I'll just have to deal with dial-up till then.

A friend of mine said she'll let me use her cable internet to d/l some of my millions of emails but she can't till probably this weekend. I'm thinking about hitting up Darkside's friend in J'ville that has cable internet till then LOL! Cause it is a COMPLETE pain in the butt to have to reset all our yahoo groups if they happen to bounce. So cross your fingers that I won't have that bad luck!

Ok, getting really tired now - plus, I gotta get up early to get my Avon order when it comes & make ham, turkey, chicken, potatoe, & macaroni salad. Yep we like mayo! LOL! Plus it's an easy lunch


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April 1, 2007


Well as I sit here winding down from a VERY busy day, I realized something. I sure do hate those damn birds! There's some people out there (if they read this!) that know what I'm talking about
The other day I went to J'ville and as I was going into town I thought - hmm... I bet the girls would really like to see all the baby chicks in at Bucheit's. So in we went. Yep your right - I finally caved! I bought 4 chicks - 1 white california, 1 brown leghorn, 1 black pan fry, & 1 yellow broiler. I've been wanting to get chickens since last year. Last year we raised a banny (<-not sure on the spelling) that his dad had left over. Out of about 15 eggs he let a hen sit on he only got 1. Since there was only one he didn't want to mess with it so we got too. Everyone really liked having him here but once he got so big he went back to grandpa's.
I really wanted the white california because they are supposed to lay white eggs. Yes, I'm a tad picky cause after his dad was bringing little greenish eggs last summer I really want normal ones! I also wanted to get a white leghorn but they didn't have any there so I just settled with a brown leghorn. So although he/she's not white I'm still naming it Foghorn Leghorn LOL!
The other 2 I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with, yet. I was thinking about fattening them up and then giving them to grandpa but the kids didn't care for that idea too much. Another idea is to let them lay too. But I don't know if that'll work or not?? Gotta still read up on that. I just hope I got all hens and not roosters!! If any are roosters I gotta wring their necks real soon or send them to grandpa's - don't want the neighbors b*tchin!
The cat's are doing really good with them so far. But Princess thinks they are either her food or her babies - one or the other! Cause she tries to nib at the kids when they are petting them. Weird dog, I know!
Well think I'm ready for bed now. No story tonight maybe next time.
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