April 12, 2007

easter 2007

Well ain't life grand?!?!

Here ya go Sally ---> I went over to Sally's today and painted, again! A creamish white that she SWEARS is not white - yeaaaaaaaaa! LOL! J/K'ing It looks like a million bucks now in there - like something I could only wish for. Her little girl's room is just darling! Both my girls were instantly jealous and asking for the same stuff And Justin grossed me out with his cell phone! I WILL pay him back - just wait

I went to the dinner on Sunday. My cousin Billy Ann didn't show but her dad, kids, and dh? did. Her kids look alot like her. My cousin Robyn came and it was great to see her. We hadn't talked for awhile but we got to on Sunday a bit and she's called since then My aunt Arlene really went all out with everything. She gave all the kids baskets and the adults too that were really cute.

Well on the 26th I'm going to a seminar type thing for AVON leadership. Not sure if that's what I really want to do but it's worth learning about. My orders haven't been increasing but they haven't decreased too much either. With it being so cold lately I haven't been able to get out and canvas as much as I'd like. But warm weather should be coming.

I DIDN'T get my potatoes planted! I hope that they will still do good if I plant them late. I bought some tulip & daffidols that were half dead from Home Depot so I can hopefully replant them this fall and get some coming up next year. I still haven't started any seeds inside yet - gotta get on the ball.

We bought 3 new chicks Tuesday! I can't remember what kinds now They are all getting along good though. My cat Stupid is getting worse but we don't know what exactly is wrong with him. I think it may be a bad tooth? He's not been doing the best though.

I haven't been writing in my story - been too tired lately. But maybe tomorrow. I've really been thinking alot about the past lately - getting old.

Oh and Tuesday while in town I seen an old friend from school at the bank. Miss Laura She looked exactly the same! And me like a dork, I starting choking and couldn't even talk! I felt like such a dumbass! So next time I'm planning on walking in so I can talk easier - it was great seeing her again

oh and Sally - I still have that song in my mind! 12345, 678910, 1112 - dodadoodo dodadoodo - AGHHHHHHHH!!!

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