April 4, 2007

pre-Easter 07

Well as far as we can tell Sunday we'll be going to my aunt Arlene's for an Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Another day or so should tell us for sure though cause if there's rain in the forecast then no egg hunt.

But what I didn't realize is that the WHOLE family has been invited! The way Arlene made it sound it was going to just be her family, but nope! My cousin Billy Ann is even supposed to be there! So that would be cool cause I haven't seen her kids before. It's a good opportunity for me to sell more Avon too!

But I'm sure that I've put more into seeing everyone again than I should. Cause for some reason most people aren't like me with these kinds of things. Cause to me it's like great, now we can be BACK in touch since we haven't seen each other for so long and everything can go back the way it was. Yes I know things have changed but you know the basics of the relationship hasn't - we're still cousins/friends/aquaintances. Just now there are kids, spouses, and jobs to contend with instead of school, parents, and no driver's license's. Oh yeah and ya can't just spend the night without some reason - a REAL reason LOL!

But I guess I'm weird like that.

I did tell Arlene that I would bring some eggs filled w/ candy - got that done tonight. Also I told her that I would bring something for dessert. I'm really wanting to try something neat/difficult/that has WOW appeal. So next just to find a great Easter WOW dessert plate/dish/treat.

Oh yeah and we won't get to stay the whole time cause Darkside has to work 4-11

I got another two pages done today on my story so that's great! It's just moving along too

well that's all for now - I'm dead tired!

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