April 1, 2007


Well as I sit here winding down from a VERY busy day, I realized something. I sure do hate those damn birds! There's some people out there (if they read this!) that know what I'm talking about
The other day I went to J'ville and as I was going into town I thought - hmm... I bet the girls would really like to see all the baby chicks in at Bucheit's. So in we went. Yep your right - I finally caved! I bought 4 chicks - 1 white california, 1 brown leghorn, 1 black pan fry, & 1 yellow broiler. I've been wanting to get chickens since last year. Last year we raised a banny (<-not sure on the spelling) that his dad had left over. Out of about 15 eggs he let a hen sit on he only got 1. Since there was only one he didn't want to mess with it so we got too. Everyone really liked having him here but once he got so big he went back to grandpa's.
I really wanted the white california because they are supposed to lay white eggs. Yes, I'm a tad picky cause after his dad was bringing little greenish eggs last summer I really want normal ones! I also wanted to get a white leghorn but they didn't have any there so I just settled with a brown leghorn. So although he/she's not white I'm still naming it Foghorn Leghorn LOL!
The other 2 I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with, yet. I was thinking about fattening them up and then giving them to grandpa but the kids didn't care for that idea too much. Another idea is to let them lay too. But I don't know if that'll work or not?? Gotta still read up on that. I just hope I got all hens and not roosters!! If any are roosters I gotta wring their necks real soon or send them to grandpa's - don't want the neighbors b*tchin!
The cat's are doing really good with them so far. But Princess thinks they are either her food or her babies - one or the other! Cause she tries to nib at the kids when they are petting them. Weird dog, I know!
Well think I'm ready for bed now. No story tonight maybe next time.
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