April 28, 2007


Well I've become lazy and not posted in awhile - no surprise! But I'm attempting to kick myself into gear. Entirely too much shit has happened of late. Here's a run down - this will be long!

I'm talking to my mom & brother again - big surprise huh. Same ole shit just different address.

AVON has been a little on the crappy side lately. I didn't go to that seminar cause the lady that was going to give me a ride couldn't go and there ain't NO WAY I'm driving in St. Louis by myself! We drove over to Pittsfield for the sales meeting on Wed but I chickened out of going in so no meeting for me this month.

Sally should be in her new house by now? I'm not sure cause she hasn't called in a couple days. I hope we're still on for tomorrow night - I'm ready for some "free" time. Plus I love it when someone else gets old and not me LOL! I am planning one of my specialties to bring along, gonna get started on it tomorrow morning.

Darkside's job & boss sucks! I'm so ready to ditch this! They just fired two really great people for shitty reasons - plus those two ordered from me alot We've been looking into starting up our own business - not a work @ home type thing - but a real brick and mortar type thing. If it will follow thru and not fall thru!

We're still not done remodeling - don't think we ever will be! We've got side tracked with lack of funds and not enough time to do things. But Darkside did get a chicken coop built halfway and I've been working on the living room walls. We bought new paint too - a gold-ish & brick-ish colors.

I've been really noticing lately how I've pretty much ran out of time yet again. #4 turns 4 this year still no new babies This really sucks cause it seems as if they are spacing out every five years and that's just not right! Cause if I get pregnant right now I'd be due in Jan 08 which means the other kids would be 15, 12, 10, 5. I'm never gonna make it to having 13 kids by 40 yrs old!!

Which is really shitty considering all the people who just don't care about their kids and can pop them out without any effort! <-- trying not to dewell on that right now! I've been talking to Robyn here and there and ya know what? I now know I'm not crazy! LOL! Her and Pam (her mom) have the same type of relationship as me and my mom. This makes me feel so much better cause then I now have proof that the whole family including me are wack jobs. Also, I know this is a long shot but ...... WARNING - BITERNESS TO FOLLOW!!! ****** Well I've deleted all this because apparently I've remembered wrong and instead of changing out the details here and there I'll just delete it. I was obviously having a bad day when I wrote this! ***edited 07/18/08*** I'm done now, sorry about that ^^ had to be done though! No story as the above was enough. later..........
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