April 3, 2007


Well not too much to say tonight. I'm tired cause SOMEONE called here at 9am and woke us up It was quite a shock too cause we figured something bad must of happened but nope - just a normal shoot the shit kinda call.

With that call we was able to obtain a tape of WrestleMania 23 (?) and RAW (tonight's), thank the gods! #1 was driving us BONKERS!! He wanted to know who won & was wanting to watch it but we don't have cable. So yea, we had to hear it - ALOT!

We all went down and helped Sally paint some more. My elbow is killing me now! She's got 2 rooms down and about 3 more to go. fun, fun.

Tomorrow we're going to get more finished up here at the house hopefully. We still got to mud & paint a bunch. Plus all the outside work too < src="http://x.myspace.com/images/blog/smileys/dirty.gif"> For one when I called I got a forgeiner (sp?) that couldn't speak english - UGH! Reading off of the screen the EXACT same thing I could on my own on their website. But before he started his speil I managed to get a couple questions out. And here's the main reason we're not getting it - I would have to wait 7-10 day for the modem to arrive. I've already called and got cable (w/ internet) coming on the 20th, so waiting for the modem is not an option. But really gets me is that on the website it's says you can use the equipment you already have usually. Ok - I HAVE a modem already, actually I have 3 different brands!! On top of that this modem - that I shouldn't need, mind you - is going to cost me $19.95 for them to ship it to me! This shit don't make no sense at all!! So there's why I'll just have to deal with dial-up till then.

A friend of mine said she'll let me use her cable internet to d/l some of my millions of emails but she can't till probably this weekend. I'm thinking about hitting up Darkside's friend in J'ville that has cable internet till then LOL! Cause it is a COMPLETE pain in the butt to have to reset all our yahoo groups if they happen to bounce. So cross your fingers that I won't have that bad luck!

Ok, getting really tired now - plus, I gotta get up early to get my Avon order when it comes & make ham, turkey, chicken, potatoe, & macaroni salad. Yep we like mayo! LOL! Plus it's an easy lunch


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