April 29, 2007


you know what I'm feeling tipsy - for the first time in ohhhhhhhhh about a year. know what else? people change, yet they stay the same. I know don't make no sense but still - it's my story!
this will be one of those all over blogs - i can see it now!
i've realized with this past night that sometimes it best to just leave well enough alone - that sometimes although there are not clear signs that someone is done, but in fact they are. trouble is I am one of those people that don't know when to stop I wish people would just be like hey I'm done. but nope they dont do that so I'm left to figure it out on my own ----- I know a fuckin riddle but so is life!
tonight i realized how much I miss our old housemates & drinking buddies - i love it when I have another woman in cahoots with me LOL!
tonight i realized also that some people like to hold the title but not many actually follow through - or ACTUALLY are what they say they are
oh well it was insightful night for me - so that's a plus! now a story =)
there was this one time a band camp...........
naw I'm playing!
about ready for a sex story?? well I got one today!
this one day I was drinking Canadian Mist Whiskey - the first of many gallons I helped finish this summer (1994) although i did many crazy things this summer one day was especially crazy. Me and a good friend (guy) was drinking with another friend (girl) and we decided it'd be really cool if he'd try on his sister's (?) prom dress - which was funnier than hell cause of course we were drunk by now.
For some reason we decided that to hell with it we'd go ahead and have sex - what the hell we were friends after all! So onward we proceded - to have sex with him in his sister's prom dress and I semi-dressed. Let me tell you - it was the weirdest sex I think I've ever had - which says alot!! We was before that and after that the bestest friends although we decided that after that point not to mention it LOL! And also to always have ready and willing partners to "boink!" when we drank after that day LOL!
he's another long lost friend of mine I wish I could sit next too and say - hey remember that time...... LOL!
good times, good times!
as a side note to the above, I should mention of how I look at sex in general. I don't see sex as this all powerful "love" thing. I see sex as the equivelant of experience points. I have lots of exp. points and we'll leave it as that! I never regret any of it - never will - but I also don't ignore it either!
oh well most people don't understand it - just me
better go before I type something I shouldn't!
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