May 4, 2007

sex quiz

Sex by ranndouglas
How old were you the first time?: 12
Who was it?: Brian
Did you like it?: no too quick
Do you regret it?: nope!
How old were you the first time you masturbated?: 12
How frequently do you do it?: 0 anymore
Do you fantasize or think about someone specific?: nope
Do you watch porn?: yep
How often?: all day long
With someone or alone?: usually w/someone
Where is your favorite place to masturbate?: in the bath (was)
Have you ever had sex with someone you met online?: nope
Why or why not?: -
Is sex a sin?: NO!
Why or why not?: cause it's a natural thing
How many one night stands have you had?: lots!
What is your preference: men or women?: men
Have you ever had sex to make your partner happy?: yes
Have you ever had sex to make your partner shut up?: yes
Have you ever had angry sex?: yes
How soon after you've met someone do you know you want to have sex with them?: about 5 minutes
Have you ever had a 3some?: yes
A 4some?: yes
Been involved in an orgy?: not yet
Have you ever gone to a swingers club (even if you didn't participate)?: not yet
Do you like to role play?: of course! D&D 3rd ED rocks!
Do you like to dress up or wear sexy clothes?: sure
Do you have any sex toys?: yep
Do you use them alone or with a partner?: w/ a partner
Where is the strangest place you've had sex?: in the middle of a party
Is there anything you won't do, sexually?: nope
Did this survey make you uncomfortable?: nope
Would you really post these answers on you profile?: yep! well - blog
Have you ever told someone you loved them just to get them to sleep with you?: no
Do you cuddle after sex or go to sleep?: depends
Have you ever paid for sex?: no
Would you pay for sex?: no
Have you ever been paid for sex?: not technically - please explain the whole dating scene again?
Would you accept money for sex?: in a heartbeat!
Have you ever had a sugardaddy/mama?: yep
Did you have to have sex with him/her?: nope!
What celebrity would you have sex with if you had the chance?: Bill Gates!
Is there anyone you regret sleeping with?: nope
Have you slept with anyone on your friends list?: yep
Was it good?: the best
Would you do it again?: of course!
What is your least favorite position?: woman on top
Why?: did it tooo much
Have you ever faked an orgasm?: yes
Why?: was taking too long - faked the 3rd one
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