June 14, 2007

my oldest daughter

ok - so I'm addicted - OH WELL! LOL! here's another one I did tonight -

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#2 only weighed 4 pounds and 4.5 ounces when she was born and now she's not so small! It amazes me everyday!

Her birthday every year makes me feel toooo old. And everyday she looks more and more like me.

well tonight I'm going to write a new section of my story - I know enough to mess anyone up but I'm in a "chatty" mood!


Let me tell you how I met the generous man who gave me #2 and all that led up to that.

This one day in late July 1995 my friend Melica (sorry can't remember how it's spelled!) came over and said "hey come stay with me for awhile". So I'm thinking ok, why not? So I pack up a laundry basket of clothes and makeup and jump in the car she brought over. Now you may wonder why this would even be taking place - well she knew I hated being at home with my mom and she'd just got her own place so was finally able to help me out. We'd been best buds for quite awhile and had camped out here and there before when in a bind so I was glad it was a permanent place.

Well we get over to her place on Mauvisterre Street (I was living on Walnut where there now is a Casey's) and I get to finally see her brand new baby - Sierra. She was the cutest thing ever! Plus Brian and Amanda was there too. And before I even get completely settled in Melica takes off to return the car. I'm thinking OK she'll be right back I guess. So I go get my stuff unpacked and I think I even took a shower (can't remember now) either that or changed my clothes.

When I get out of the bathroom still no Melica! So I go into the other room and chill & chat with Brian and Amanda.

And still no Melica!

So I think we ate supper and then Brian walked to Wareco or somewhere to call some people to see where she was. While he was gone me & Amanda took Sierra outside and sat on the side porch cause it was a little cooler outside than in.

That's when I seen him. This kinda heavyset guy who looked like some kind of thug with something shaved into the back of his hair. All I'm thinking is - what kind of dork is this! I mean yeah he was cute and all but still!

He hollered something like - "what's going on?" and I said something equally dumb like - "nothin much - u?" and he said - "nothin, like my hair? lost a bet and got this" and I was like - "what's it say?" (by now he's stopped so we don't have to yell too much) and - get this - he says - "it says *UCK U" and I told him - "your CRAZY!" and he keeps on walking.

By this time Brian came back and he was PISSED! Especially since she still wasn't home.

So we sit around for awhile and smoke, turn on the black light and chill. It's now been like 4 or 5 hours since she left.

We start hearing some music from one of the neighbors and of course dumb me had to go see LOL! So I go sit on the side porch that they had at their front door. After awhile of sitting there here comes that guy with another guy, up the back alley which I have my back to (which scared me). And they procede to invite me to this party which is going on a couple doors down. I decline thinking there ain't no way! I don't even know these guys! So they tell me they'll bring me a beer here in a bit. I, of course would never turn down a free beer! LOL!

Then who pulls in but Melica herself! So I walk up with her thinking - OH GREAT! So as soon as we walk in Brian's yelling (well quietly - didn't want to wake the baby!). And I look around and notice that it's just me, him, and her - umm not a good sign! So I'm like - "hey you guys I gotta run somewhere real quick, be back in a min" and I go back to the porch.

I hear them coming toward the stairs which means I could get dragged into it so I take off walking down the street. I walk all the way down to the square and then turn around and walk back. But then I got to thinking - I'm out after curfew! DAMN!

So I go to walk down East Street cause it's not as busy usually. (I had just spent a couple of months living near the corner of East & College so I knew how it was.) As I'm walking around the corner of Beecher & East so I can come up the alley I notice someone sitting on the church's steps, which scares the CRAP out of me!

(more great dialoge here LOL) I'm like - "oh, hi!" and he's like - "hey, what's goin on? want some of this?" and holds out a joint. "SURE! why not!" so he passes it to me and asks - "do I know you? what's your name?" and I'm say - "don't think so, I'm Anne (last name here) who are you?" he says - "oh, nope don't know ya - my name's Virgil (last name here)" this whole time we're passing it back and forth. So I say "nope never met ya before now".

Then out of the alley zooms Melica! I'm like DAMN! Cause I thought she was staying home. So I tell dude I gotta go and that it was nice meeting him, thanks and all that - then continue walking.

Once I round the corner I realize that hey dumbas* dude was staring pretty hard at you so you better book it down this alley cause it's awful dark. So I start out jogging down the alley so he can't catch up to me or see where I'm going. And then I get this bright idea to not go to Melica's house but down a bit more and then through the houses to the front. So that way if dude did see me then he wouldn't know EXACTLY where I went. Sounded like a good idea right?


Then I run into this other guy who is outside his apartment drinking too. And he of course tries to talk to me and I'm trying not to be rude or anything but get away a quickly as possible. So he's following me as I'm walking. As I round the house and turn to go to Melica's dude is trying to put his arm around me - UGH! Thankfully there is the first guy I met and his friend (1st dork I met with shaved head - lol!).

He says - "hey thought you was going to party with us tonight?" while laughing - A*SHOLE! He knew what was going on! I give him the most evil look I can while pushing dude's arm off of me and say "of course I am!"

HEHEHE! then I did something that was completely evil and unexpected - I walked over and hugged him then held his hand like we were bf & gf !!! Then I looked up at him through lowered eyes just in time to see the look that he passed his friend. It was pure shock - and I LOVED it!

So he decides to get even with me (I guess?) he invites drunk guy to the party too. So we get ready to go over there and I realize I didn't tell Brian where I was. So I say to shaved dude - "hey come with me for a min so I can tell my friend where I'm going" and he says ok. So we walk there first and as I go to open the door he says "oh I'll just stay down here" - and I say "umm ok?"

So I go upstairs and tell Brian that I'm going over to this party and I'll be back in a bit. He says ok but I'm locking the door when you leave so you'll have to knock and wake me up when your back. I say ok even though I know I would NEVER do that to him. That would be down right rude!

I go back down and ask dude "hey what's your name?" and he says "Kris, what's yours?" and of course I tell him mine =)

As we're walking over to the party he grabs my hand (aww!). I told him "hey you do know that drunk dude isn't my bf, right?" and he says "yea I know but we're going to have some fun with him tonight, k?" and I think to myself what harm could it be? so I say "ok, whatever, but he's a dork. hey when we get in here sit by me and don't let him sit by me, k?"

And Kris turned to me and said "ok. are you ready to drink? cause we play this game called 3 man - you'll get trashed!"

And I look at him and say "of course, I'm up for anything! let's go!"

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