June 13, 2007


still don't have shit figured out enough to put it to the www but here's something new I've got into

digital scrapbooking! Darkside's been telling me for quite awhile that I would love it once I did it, but I will not admit defeat so --- muummmmmmm's the word LOL!

Here's the newest layout I did yesterday -

a little risque for me but a great pic anyways =)

We just watched POTC 3 - it was really good! Not saying more than that though! Watched Shrek 3 the other day and it was good too! Tomorrow (if we are lucky) we'll be seeing Spiderman 3 or TMNT.

Things are really weird here lately. Kinda like one of those times when you can see change coming but still ain't sure what kind of change it will be. Ya know? You know how in earlier blogs I said people never seem to change well that isn't always true. Sometimes people do change.

It's those changes that have not only me but also Darkside kinda up in the air. Someone we were really close to changed - in a bad drastic way. It's because of that change we don't know what to do. We had lots of ideas and plans before learning of that change but now it's kinda like - ok where do we stand. Once we figure that out - if ever! - then things will be back on track.

I was supposed to deliver my now very late Avon orders today & mail off some stuff. But instead I caved and took a nap. Not that I didn't need the sleep - but still!

I know I'm jumping all over tonight but?

Jeez I miss my LC! I wish those as*holes would just come on and get things switched over to Vista! Cause my LC isn't compatible with Vista and what do I have - you got it - Vista. I haven't made a letter in almost 4 months and it's killing me! It is definetly a addiction and I'm dying for a fix! That's why I picked up the digital scrapbooking - had to have something to do. And sig tags just don't do it for me anymore. I've tried in this last month to do some sig tags and although it was great to "strech my legs" again, it just wasn't enough.

I've not had enough PORN! Believe it or not! And who doesn't need some from time to time? Darkside's keeping it all to himself LMAO! Well no reason to look at any porn if I'm not designing with it - eh?

I've not been writing on my story lately. I've also been noticing that I have been forgetting last names. So I think it's a clue to get to writing.

Sorry this blogs so long just one of those things!
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