August 4, 2007


Ok I figured out that NOPE! there ain't no way I'm messing with moving those posts over here LOL! I'm going to do it the lazy way, here's the link to the old blog - and I'm done! LOL! Well I can't help it!

Been doing all kinds of things - too many things actually. But lets start at the top =)

Darkside's site is in the process of being moved to a new server. The old one was crap and kept trying to infect everyone with cooties. So we had to pay for a host and move once again! There are some new pages done there though. Been finally working on the music pages and added two new stats too! Just in case you don't have the link here it is - - IT IS ADULT MATERIAL, most would say P 0 R N so don't go if you don't want to see!

Haven't had a chance to do any new layouts =(

Been busy with all my favorite Yahoo! groups - like Queen's, Voodoo's, homeschooling ones, and Scraps & Shares.

Been getting excited about our plans for next year. We decided that we're probably not going to go RV'ing. But instead more than likely we'll be starting our own homestead =) A new friend of ours - Lady A - is generous enough to help us obtain land in southern Missouri. And it's beautiful land too! I say probably because if you've read the other blog then you know that we always have problems with saying one thing then having to do another.

With those plans ^ I've been busy getting some blue prints drawn up, reading up on MO laws and codes, and figuring out what exactly we'll be taking or needing once there.

Also, we celebrated our 9th anniversary on July 25th. We spent it at home relaxing in the pool =)

Oh and we've had problems with our car, visited by animal control, had a hen die, found ANOTHER small possum, our cat PawPrint had 5 kittens, got a new pool, and found out our cat is dying.

busy, busy, busy

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