August 6, 2007

RIP Stupid the cat

Credit: S template by Ruby Q Hammer and papers & elements from Felty Dog Cat kit & Hearts & Pawprints kit by Calico Designs/CMS

Well I'm sad to say that our cat Stupid died today. We knew he was going to die. We had seen the signs for the last couple months so we was prepared somewhat.

But last week animal control came while we were gone and took him and left us a violation on our door. After scheduling an appointment with a vet we was able to get him back.

So we went to the vet's office and they swore that he was dying of feline leukemia. But if we give him this shot of antibiotics and oral doses of antibiotics he should perk back up enough to eat. Once he eats and drinks then he should recover enough to go on for awhile longer. But don't expect much because leukemia is fatal especially this advanced.

What a load of SH**! Oh yes he was dying - of old age! They swore he couldn't be older than 6 or 7 and had really good teeth. BULL! His teeth were loose and bothering him since February! The shot & oral medicine did help perk him up - about as much as a swift kick would of! He didn't eat any more or any less and kept going to the bathroom where he thought was acceptable --- like in the kitchen!

He was doing good. Last night he ate & drank like nothing no different than before. But today we could tell he wasn't gonna make it. So we made a new bed for him and laid him there. By 1 PM we called Darkside's dad to ask if he could put him out after work and he said yes. He said if we didn't want to wait call the vet. So while we looked up the number, Stupid took his last breaths and his heart finally stopped.

I was really upset - still am actually! Because it's just not right! My cat wanted to die peacefully under his favorite tree, outside his favorite place. But NO my idiot neighbor's thought I was being mean and had to call the cat police on me. I WAS doing the best thing for him - why not let him die in peace? He was just an old cat. This way was so much harder on him and us. NO ONE should have to hear their pet die like that!

The kids were upset - #1 went outside and dug the hole and cried, #2 openly cried inside because she said she didn't want him to die yet, #3 went back and forth from inside and out but didn't cry - instead he was very subdued, and #4 was very matter of fact about the whole thing - not real sure she KNOWS but she understands Stupid won't be back.

While digging the grave Darkside moved Stupid into a box and #2 & #4 taped it shut. And #3 found a bottle in the dirt of the grave and suggested filling it with "Stupid dirt". So he did that. (I have more of a story on this but that's for another time)

After Stupid was buried we sealed up the bottle and kinda sat around for the rest of the day. Well they all did - I spent my day making this LO for Stupid. And I plan to make a few more too.

If I'm late getting back to anyone this is why and I hope to catch back up by tomorrow. Here's my LO of Stupid (above).

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