September 29, 2007

food stamps

Today I was sitting and looking through some really cute web sets that I came across while organizing my bookmarks. I was thinking - wouldn't it be really neat if I had a site/blog to post all my recipes & results on? And then I woke up! LOL! The only way I could do something like that is to title it something like - From Poptarts Oatmeal to Instant Rice - A Study in No Cash Cooking For A Large Hungry Family by ME - LOL!

My favorite site in the whole world for recipes & shortcuts is Hillbilly Housewife. I can't for the life of me remember her name but she is the greatest!! We are identical in beliefs when it comes to food. And I think it's really cool she tries to get things changed - umm politically? (not sure what you'd classify it as?).

Anyone who knows me (actually both of us) in RL knows that we receive federal help --- you know food stamps LOL! And for the most part I could care less what anyone thinks either. I'm open about these types of things. With our family, Darkside would have to have a $13.00/hr, 40 hr/wk job in order for us to NOT qualify - HA! Like we'd be that lucky! Since Darkside has been *unwillingly working for state min. wage ($7.50) with part time hours for the past year and a half, we don't even come close!

But for the past couple of months we have been blessed with Darkside's ex paying her child support -- even the back support she owes too! But with that extra "income" (that's what they call it) we "make" enough to start getting our benefits cut.

So before when we went shopping we could get pretty much everything we needed for the month -- plus some extravagant items, you know pizza rolls, poptarts, snack cakes (really spendy things huh?! - NOT!) and minus some things the very last days of the month, like bread, milk, sugar.

And now, now we are less $100 or so. Guess what happens now........yep total hell for me! Especially during the month of September, the month I have 2 bdays to buy cakes & cook a special meal for. It was NOT fun or pretty here when I tried, yes tried, to decorate a cake for #4's bday!

So I'm currently thinking of some catchy name for my recipe posts. I think it'll be funny to look back on.

BTW - tonight we had (umm...trying to think of another name for it besides crap!) Italian Chicken on Spagetti with a Tomato sauce and pepperoni on the side. We used 2 of those McCormick's spice packs for Slow Cookers. The funny thing is they specifically say on the directions don't lift lid if it can be helped and it will cook more evenly. HA! Our's burned --- not just a little either, it burned BAD! And of course this would be 4 chicken breasts of my last package of chicken breasts! If I knew that was going to happen I would of used those chicken breasts in a better way!!

well that's all for tonight.

*he'd like a better job than one that is min wage with part time hours, but with where we live it's just not possible without traveling for 30 mins to get a job that have more hours but not more of a wage, which isn't much of a better situation!

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