September 3, 2007


well I've been doing alot of nothing online the past couple weeks =( I've just been barely able to keep my mail cleared! And although I should be doing alot of other things - I'm not.

Started to finish 2 quilts and didn't get neither finished. Tried to get some stuff for the kids printed out but my printer cartridge went poop.

But the best thing was a really good storm come through and we got bunches of branches from all the neighbors. But then we found out that a friend of my fil's (lives down here) had a couple branches we needed to go pick up --- read --- half a HUGE tree!!! We have most of it now but the chainsaw went dull so we need to sharpen it before we can get the last 2 big pieces. The chainsaw needs to be sharpened first cause these last two pieces are about 3 feet around and about 8 feet long! Just a couple branches my butt!! We'll now have enough wood for the winter! (and it's half dead already so it'll burn real good)

This week will be really busy cause for one we've already started getting ready for Halloween - YEA! But also we are going to be building a kitty pen, fix the chicken coop, getting the chickens back (YEA!), and fixing the floor.

And next weekend will be the best yard sales for the whole year - YEA!

sad ain't it
oh well it's me!
got stuff to do,

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