September 30, 2007

old pictures

Well tonight I started to go through some stuff we had in storage. I say started cause of course I got side tracked LOL! I had a time warp and started reading through some of my old stuff.

For anyone who doesn't know, I keep EVERYTHING! So it was fun to look through old notes, letters, poems, pictures, and keepsakes.

When I got to bottom of one tub I seen all these pictures I've been holding on to. They are my ex-stepdad's family pictures. His "new woman" is a real bitch and already tore up some other family pictures he had so he stashed these in an old building. Lucky me I found them while living in that building right before it was demolished. When I told him I found them and I wouldn't give them to him unless he could guarantee that they wouldn't be tore up, he said ok. WTF?! These are HIS family pictures! I've told him in the past 8 years that I've had them that he could have them back but he's always said no just keep ahold of them. So I have. I'm just that way I guess.

Well we've been trying to condense all our stuff and get rid of things we don't really need. So I think it's time I try to get ahold of his other kids and see if they would like them. After about 2 hours of searching tonight I'm pretty sure I've found his son, but still can't locate his daughter. It's really hard to find females without knowing if they married or not! And obviously these people are either 1. very through on keeping their selves off the internet or 2. not online savvy at all.

But anyway I found him so I plan to call tomorrow - this ought to be FUN - NOT!

How exactly should that type of conversation start? Um yeah my name is Anne and my mom used to be married to your (or your husband's) dad, do you remember me? Well, uh, I have this box of pictures of your family and I want to give them to you and your sister - where does she live now btw? I can't give them to your dad cause his new woman is a total bitch so that's why I'm calling you. Oh how did I get your number?'m a really good investigator when it comes to searching on the internet? (or would it be better to say - I have stalker like abilities? LOL!)

Not to mention the fact that ALOT of them are ruined by water damage! Some to the point of needing to be thrown away. <---not my fault btw, since I've had them they have been in plastic tubs in low moisture areas

Isn't weird how these pictures have somehow made it through all the bad times and are still with me here? Kinda crazy!

But anyway the memories sure have been floating through tonight. I'm going to try to get some good stories written in here soon.

well gotta sleep now........

PS -- oh and as a side note ain't it sad that a woman of about 60 years old can't be mature enough to realize and come to terms with her new boyfriend's past? Hell I've been able to do that from about the age of 16 or so! She really, really, really needs to just grow TF up! but anywayssssssssss.....

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