November 25, 2007

xmas 2007

Boy have I been busy! I have so many projects half done around here on the computer and in the house so I've been trying to finish them up. I've been most worried about making sure I'll have enough Christmas presents for everyone this year, even though our list has been almost cut in half it's still worrisome for me. So I've been working slowly on lots of things.

I've got a little teddy bear made for my brother's youngest boy, he's almost 2. I've also got him a rams coat that I picked up at a yard sale this summer that my brother will love! He's a big rams fan - he'll probably try to wear it himself! HAHA! And for the two girls I plan to get some bath/makeup stuff for them. They are almost 5 and 6 years old so they'll love the messing kind of stuff. Probably will make some bath salts and body wash for them - like this.

And for Kristy I am making a brag book of pictures. I'm doing them up all nice with all my digital scrapbooking stuff, it's harder than I thought! But she'll really like it cause they've moved around so much she hardly has any pictures anymore. Plus I've also made her a bag holder - like this. I also made me two of them at the same time! Couldn't help it, we needed them pretty bad. Both of mine are stuffed full and still have more bags left! (there's a story behind this and I'll have to explain sometime) And I also have a pair of pants that I picked up this summer for her. I had alot more clothes for her but I let the neighbor's girlfriend have them. The girl is pregnant with her first baby and all those clothes were stretchy so she'll probably really like them.

For my brother I have a shirt that I know he's not going to like - why would I do that you say? Cause he has this liking of gold colored items - not just gold like the metal but gold the color. So you think it would be easy right? NOPE! Gold as a color is a certain hue and I never seem to get it right HAHA! So I have a shirt for him but it probably isn't the right color =) I also came across a one of a kind - for Salvation Army anyway - book that I plan to give him. It's a book done by the makers of the magazine High Times, it's a collection of stories. He'll love it, if he ever reads it! He's not much of a reader.

And the last thing for their family I'm doing for Christmas is a family present - DVD's. I'm going to go through ours and see what ones they would like and give those to them. I think their going to like that alot =)

For my father in law, we're going to get him a DVD player and some DVD's. That old fart still don't have a DVD player so we're going to jump start him into the craze HAHA! I'm going to try to get a bunch of John Wayne movies for him - he's a HUGE fan of JW.

The kids have about a thousand things ready for their Sunday school teachers! And I plan to help them also make some small soaps also to give them - that should be fun (NOT!).

Darkside is exchanging names at work. They didn't do this last year so I'm not sure what we're going to do for that. But the limit is $20 so it shouldn't be too hard. I'd also like to get his boss something nice, although I don't know what! With him transferring within the company in Feb. I want her to give him a great recommendation to the next boss. I know that may not be right but it's our only source of income so I'm willing to do just about anything to keep it!

And besides the kids that's our Christmas list! Not much huh? Oh well more than enough for me! We only have about 30 cards to get out this year - usually I do about 100! But we haven't even done our picture yet! I've been putting it off so #4 is completely happy of what his acne is doing - it's a teenager type thing! Hopefully we'll do it this week though.

Well that's all for now. I need to get ready for some cold, wet, and hungry little kids =) It's been raining ice here all morning - BLAH!


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