November 22, 2007

thanksgiving 2007

Well it's been awhile for me here! Didn't mean for it to happen but things have been way too busy. Nothing exciting, just normal everyday life. Here's a rundown (kinda).

Didn't do the halloween party this year. We're waiting till we get more figured out before we do.

Got the wood stove in and a wood shed build. Let me tell ya those were some trying times! Last year we used 4" gas stove pipe, which although it worked, it isn't the right stuff. So this year we saved up the money to buy new black 6" stove pipe. Well it may have said 6" but it wasn't! It didn't even want to fit inside each other! Now maybe this is normal but we haven't done this before so it was a pain! Oh and two side notes. 1. a side pipe hanger (the thing that holds your pipe to the wall outside) costs $20!!! 2. wood stove pipe rain caps work MUCH better than gas stove pipe rain caps! In fact the latter of the two can be out right dangerous!

We've (the men of the house) started to fill the wood shed with all the wood. This is a long progress of chopping and stacking. Especially when Darkside's chainsaw is poop!

We've (still) not been blessed with a new arrival (baby). For me this is the final countdown and this depresses me alot. Starting in April 08 we will be past the 5 year mark between children (get pregnant after 4/08 and will be due in 2009). I know for some this is no big deal but for me 5 years between is too long since we already have older children (#1 just turned 14!!). Everyday seems to drag more and more in this struggle.

I made Darkside build a new desk that would hold BOTH of our computers - YEA! We even have a temporary type room to house them in! So now we can do our "ADULT" things during the day if needed without prying eyes. I love it!

Also I made Darkside build some shelves in our room to hold lots of misc. stuff. (mental note - stop being so mean to Darkside LOL!) They are good sturdy shelves that only cost about $4 for the screws. They definitely are NOT the prettiest shelves but they are lifesavers for me!! They are about 2' wide and 8' long and 6' tall.

The chickens are still thriving, they're still at my father-in-law's though. Between the 4 hens, we're getting about 4 eggs a day so that's good! The fil says their getting broody so it's slowing down some but we'll probably still have a hard time keeping up with eating them LOL! The other two are roosters =( And they're meaner than a wet cat! Probably because #1 used to "play" with them HA! #1 didn't understand that what he thought was "playing" was really challenging them LOL!

And besides bragging about all my Thanksgiving feast - which is looking good already LOL! - my last bit of news.

About 4 months ago we got offered the one in million chance to rent out some prime homesteading land. Prime meaning - 5 acres, in the central US, long term rental, GREAT price! And we were all ready to go, but... (there's always a but) It has it's own set of trials that we're having a REALLY hard time overcoming. We still don't know exactly what to do about that.

So in the mean time we've flip-flopped on what other options we may have. We can't and won't stay here any longer. And we've come to the conclusion that our only other option is to go back to Iowa.

Well till Monday night that wasn't even going to be a possibility. I've looked and looked for the right place & town and not had any luck. But Monday night, we found THE PLACE. You know that one place that seems like it would be almost perfect. It still might not be an option but........... we have some hope! We contacted the realtor and made an offer - now don't be thinking we robbed a bank or anything! It was one of my kind of offers that doesn't involve a bank. We've not heard back yet (sent on Tuesday) so that's a good sign, right?

I sure hope so! With this property almost all the trials of the other land are already taken care of. I'm just so excited and hopeful! But I must remember to not get too excited.

Okay, now Thanksgiving =) I'm cooking up a ton of food for us and my fil. Here's the menu:

2 turkeys
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes
green bean casserole
cranberry sauce
brown -n- serve rolls (Darkside MUST have these or he'll cry LOL!)
cheese ball
spaghetti squash
chocolate silk pie
2 pumpkin pies
cherry pie
coconut/banana cream pie (only had banana cream filling!)
banana cream pudding
pumpkin mousse

WOW we're some eaters! LOL! I sure hope we'll have leftovers for a couple days! Last year it only lasted a day after. I have (of course!) sampled a little here and there and know it's some GREAT tasting food, can't wait till tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with whomever you spend it with!

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