December 22, 2007

the EX

I've been meaning to post something on here for awhile but things have been TOOO hectic. But this one HAD to be posted!

Every year I get a smooshy and start feeling bad for Darkside's ex and how since she's a bitch she don't get to see her son - #1. So I usually send a Christmas card with a copy of our christmas picture in it.

So this year I go to find out where she's living and realize that nothing is popping up when I do a basic white pages search. Damn! But I figure oh well, we're going to be moving up to Iowa in 50 days (more on this later!) we'll just call her.

I've had her cell phone number memorized for forever so - I spend the next hour talking Darkside into calling. I had to BEG! He hates talking to her cause she always causes problems. But he knows that #1 needs to see how she is so when he grows up he won't blame us for sheltering him (crazy but true!).

So he finally calls........

No answer! And the voice mail recording doesn't sound like her at all! He even calls back a second time so I can hear the voice mail recording!

So I figure I'll just give google a shot - never know what you'll find there. How true that was tonight!

That CRAZY woman actually let people know she is crazy! She told the news people in Cedar Rapids that her cat detected carbon monoxide gas and saved her & her boyfriend's life! No I am NOT joking!! Here is the clip -

this is just over the top for her!

I can't really think of any more to say! If you want to see the whole story just google - oreo the cat Cedar Rapids, IA.


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