December 29, 2007

hair color

oh yeah gotta remember - I colored my hair today. tried natural medium neutral blonde, Nice -n- Easy. DIDN'T WORK! I colored my hair back in Sept. black with blue tinting/highlighting. It looked great! So went about 4 weeks ago and got another cheapie black at Walmart, still looked OK but not exactly the same but figured oh well.

Ever since then, every time I wash my hair purple stuff washes out. Now I know it happens for the first couple washes, but every time?! I got sick of it and figured I'm done! Went and bought the above mentioned color - figured I'll go back to natural and just do highlights here and there.

It didn't work except on my roots! AGHHHH! And I mean not even a little bit! And it should of!

I swear to never again by cheapie hair color no matter what!

had to stick this in here so I'll remember later exactly what day I did my color last LOL!


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