December 2, 2007


Still busy here =) been making pages for a brag book for my sister in law - it's her xmas gift!

I'm such a freebie hog! I've been at a MILLION blog d/l'ing this and that - I think I'm addicted! LOL! This one here caught my eye - here and it's a really neat idea!! But not really what I'm needing right now so I HAVE to pass - REALLY! My computer has threatened to throw a fit if I save anymore LOL! (not really but....)

We've also been crafting alot here too. I am starting to make socks for the kids. I got one done today - yep just one! Those suckers take a bit to knit when your doing other things. Plus I'm doing it with a knitting loom so that may be why it takes longer. I don't know how to actually knit but with a knitting loom I do A-OK! I learned from this site which has AWESOME videos!

ok that's all for tonight! I'm late for bed!

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Cindy Jo said...

Hi Anne. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I posted that link you needed on my blog so you can get your birth month kit. :)