December 3, 2007


Well today was a shocking day to say the least! Well actually a shocking night really.

Tonight after Darkside got home, #1 was taking a shower (he always stays up late). Well since we heat with the wood stove the far ends of the house get kinda cold especially when in the bath. So to help out we have a small heater in the bathroom & we try to dry clothes in the dryer to add heat.

Well thank goodness he pays attention! Darkside & I were sitting in the living room busy doing things online and all of the sudden there's a top half of #1 nude & wet hollering out the bathroom door "DAD, GET IN HERE QUICK!!!" So Darkside goes running in there.

Now I would have but I was figuring it may have been one of those father-son things so I waited.

Till I heard "and I seen it on fire" - WHAT?!

I didn't care what was going on I was in there! HAHA!!

Well I guess he looked over and seen the back of the dryer on fire so he ran to tell us without even getting a robe! Which is surprising on it's own HAHA! (He's a teenager after all.)

The cord for some reason shorted and caught fire. Thankfully we caught it before anything else caught fire! Since we live in an older trailer that is a sure way to lose everything (a fire).

But on the other hand - with xmas in less than a month there's no extra money for a new dryer. We can't even ask the father-in-law cause he's already helping with xmas =( And anyone with 4 kids, 3 cats, and 2 dogs knows that any laundry or food device is a necessity HAHA! Most definitely!

Oh well we've already strung up the clothes line inside and will get by somehow. There is a laundry mat in Whitehall (3 miles away) too. We've already took down the outside clothes line or I'd put them outside HAHA! I know it sounds crazy but my fil does it - has done it for the last 10 years. But he's stubborn too!

Did you know that he's the only person I know that has an electric bill of less than $50 a month year round? And the company he has is notorious for high rates too! Yep, one stubborn man!

shoot, I just noticed how late it is and I have an early appt in the morning!
gotta go!

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