January 10, 2008

places/landmarks to visit

On this blog I read alot the writer wanted notable landmarks here's what I came up with -

Only three last things I can think of for Iowa (not lived there for very long!) that has been mentioned -

1. Herbert Hoover birthplace & library
2. Fort Madison, IA (old military fort)
3. the Mississippi River!! all kinds of things along the river set up for that - museums, etc.

Lived in Illinois most of my life so this one is easier =)

1. Nauvoo, IL - historic Mormon town & beginning of the Mormon trail
2. Jacksonville & Roodhouse, IL - both my home towns =) - plus the only place where Eli Bridge Co. makes ferris wheels (along with other amusement rides), with Roodhouse being the place where the co. owner built his very first.
3. scenic Route 66
4. Cahokia & Dixon mounds - native american burial grounds
5. Chicago, IL - probably thousands of things but what I can think of the great chicago fire of 1871 & the Sears tower
6. Springfield, IL - Abraham Lincoln site in & around including monument, library, residence, & tomb

and some things to add about Missouri -

1. Hannibal, MO - Mark Twain boyhood home, said to be the birthplace of tom sawyer & huck finn novels - has Mark Twain caves
2. Mansfield, MO - last residence of Laura Ingalls Wilder, along with husband & daughter, lived there for 60 years
3. the Ozarks
4. Meramec Caverns (kinda goes with the Ozarks)
5. stomping grounds (? can't think of better wording!) of famous outlaw Jesse James


I didn't realize till afterwards that she wanted landmarks! But these should still work =) It was great thinking up these things!

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