January 25, 2008


Well, I crocheted like a mad woman trying to finish #1's blanket - and guess what - I had 7 rows to go and ran out of yarn! And the best part is - they don't sell that color any more =( So I got to tear out 35 rows (more than half!) of a 6 foot blanket to back track and redo in a different pattern BLAH!

I've been working on this blanket for about 5 years. I know I'm dragging my feet but I see all that left to be done and I can't help but be over whelmed!

The other day I started up a blog just for the kids' school things - it's here ---> http://mortonschool.blogspot.com So if you're wanting to know what the kids are up to look there!

Well I still have a million emails to do so I gotta go, might be back later..........


corefoundations said...

Sorry about the blanket. I've had to do that before. . .

Sadly, I made a primo mistake myself recently on a project I've spent years dragging my feet on.

Good luck in finishing it!

Anne M. said...

thanks & sorry about the stocking fiasco =(

still not done yet, but getting there =)