February 7, 2008

I'm crazy here's proof

I wanted to write more tonight even though I already wrote on here about our new house (still YEA!).

Tonight I wanted to share one my dark secrets - spying. Well actually depending on who you talk to it can be called spying or - stalking, being nosy, etc. Me I call it research.

I update my "research" every couple months. It's like an obsession - I HAVE to do it.

And so tonight after a "update" I sat and wondered - am I crazy?

I mean yea I know I'm crazy, but am I that kind of crazy?

In today's world with all the info you can have at the tips of your fingers - when is it too far? Cause I'm not so sure when you've actually crossed over that imaginary line. I can't say well if you do this then you've went too far.

So I sit and wonder if I've crossed the line.

Tonight I think I'm A-OK and on the sane side of that line =)

but remember I'm crazy in other ways ...........LOL!

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