February 16, 2008

moving 2008

Well after a mess up with the uhaul company we were able to pick up our rental in Jerseyville. Since we had to pick up on Saturday - a day earlier than we reserved it for - they gave us a couple extra days and miles. This was great since we needed more days & miles anyway!

Before we figured out that we checked the shopper for a new washer and dryer. Our washer decided to take a poop on us a few days before. Well we found a dryer first and called. The guy said yep he'd sell it for $100 and deliver it for $25 - YEA! So he shows up about an hour later and tries and tries but for some reason the dryer won't turn on. He says he knows that it works, he just tried it. So we just take a chance and go ahead and pay him for it cause it looks REALLY nice - probably only a couple years old! We just figure it's our wiring no big deal.

Well we still didn't have a washer so I looked in the shopper again and see a pair for $125. Go figure our luck! So we call and they said they'd hold it till we can get there to pick it up. It's a real nice set but older - not that we care! And they said they guaranteed it to work or they'd give us our money back. So we think GREAT! So we go get the uhaul and then haul the set into the back.

When we get back home and put a new pigtail on the dryer it works right away - YEA! The washer wouldn't work - it was frozen! But once it thawed out it was fine. And when we took off the back of the first dryer all that was wrong was the pigtail had broke off. We fixed it up and it works GREAT! It's sooo nice - it's got a light inside! I know crazy to get excited over a light but I can't help it! LOL!

And the killer is that when we tried to empty the old washer of the excess water left in it - BAM! it worked too! Which was great since it was only 2 years old. I know we're hard on appliances but I didn't think we was that hard on them!

So we left it with the fil cause his is a franken-washer and he refuses to buy a new one. So maybe when his dies for good he'll use it then.

But we took both dryers and the new washer.

We started to load out all the storage stuff that we had ready to go, like stuff from the backs of closets and in the shed.

well this is what happened,

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