June 19, 2008

our cheap house

I keep forgetting to explain just how cheap we got this house *DUH!*

Well here's some estimates =)

  • you could get 2 first class tickets from Des Moines to Chicago and back, and be spending WAY more than we did for this house

  • on average an American spends more money on gasoline for their vehicles than we did for this house

  • if your at a car dealership and looking at a certified used car here in the midwest, it's probably more than we spent on this house

  • lazy boy has a sectional that costs more than this house does

  • there is a digital camera & computer that I would LOVE to have that costs more than this house does (individually!)

  • most families in metro areas spend more on rent for 6 months than we did to buy this house

NO I won't tell you how much, but I'm sure that gives you an idea!

Yep we got really lucky with this house

I'm still happy, even with all its little flaws =)



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