June 14, 2008

new house

Well ever since my laptop died I've really gotten lazy about blogging regularly. But hopefully that will end soon because I plan to get either a new laptop (what I hope for LOL!) or fix mine (blah!).

That stimulus check is going to be a lifesaver for us this year since we used all our refund on the house & moving. When we bought this house we used 7/8ths of our money on buying the house and the last little bit on the expenses of moving. And with the snow storms we had to deal with during the move we ran out of money fast racking up late fees on the truck we rented.

Thankfully, when we got here there was only a few minor plumbing problems and of course a need for new locks! We really got lucky with this house! Well you figure we bought it sight unseen except for the 8 pictures the real estate lady took. And to top it off we'd never even been to this area! (no one we knew had either!)

But there are a few problems with the house that many can't understand too well without seeing. Originally this house was a duplex of sorts. Two 1 bedroom apartments, one on top of the other. With the outside looking like it's just a normal 2 story house. And here's the fun part - they are IMPOSSIBLE to fix into one house without lots of money =(

I've got a ton of pictures that I will use to tell all that's been going on here since we've moved. I'll do that in the next post =)


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