July 3, 2008

my laptop died

ok so my laptop's motherboard is DEAD. but i was able to save the hard drive and can use it for now, but....

and i get no new laptop either =(

oh well maybe someday!

we got our new faucets and are try to install them now. their real cool - gold!

also got another toy *hehehe!* -- a tattoo gun!! yeehaw! LOL! well i'll at least be able to finish out some of my half done stuff =)

And I've been planting like crazy! I've got about 40+ hot pepper plants, tomato plants, and herbs. But is that enough? NOPE! I just bought some peter pepper seeds on ebay. *hehehe!* They're so cute! I'm gonna pickle them whole. My grandma & mom will get a kick out of that. It's just with so many hot peppers (cause those are super hot!) I had to also get some sweet peppers to even out the heat some.

I'd still like to plant some cucumbers, zucchini, and pumpkins for Darkside. I just don't know if I have the space now! And I've done ran out of containers, even the ones I made out of bowls & stuff! But city wide garage sales are this weekend so I should be able to pick up some =)

Really need to go to bed early tonight so we can get out there early and catch all the good stuff =)

ok that's all for now.

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