July 18, 2008


Well we went to the city wide garage sales, and the fireworks, then did some sparklers here at home. Oh and we grilled out.

I was VERY disappointed with #1 the newspaper here & #2 the city wide garage sales. The newspaper didn't mention ANYTHING AT ALL about any of the festivities. UGH! And the city wide garage sales consisted of a bunch of people setting out things with OUTRAGEOUS tags on them. Like for instance I seen a stained, ratty, old t-shirt that wasn't even a name brand for $2! Yeah definitely not my kind of sales.

We've been busy, busy!
  • We keep having problems with the tub fixture we bought so we had to remove part of a wall -- which didn't help! So we hillbilly-rigged it till we can figure out something better.
  • drywalled the top portion that wasn't finished of the kitchen
  • painted the hallway (not finished yet)
  • installed the bathroom sink faucet
  • found out where our missing window goes to - behind the bathroom! there's a space there that is above the stairs
  • fixed the toliet
  • canned a new banana jam (8 jars)
What we still need to do -
  • fix the bathroom wall
  • paint the bathroom
  • finish painting the hallway
  • paint & finish mudding the kitchen
  • put shut-off's in the basement for the downstairs water
  • fix the downstairs kitchen floor (vinyl tiles)
  • fix the upstairs bathroom floor (buy vinyl tiles)
  • same ^^ with upstairs kitchen
  • weatherize WHOLE house to get ready for winter
  • can, can, and can some more!
I found out that all the jellies I did back in May wasn't done right so about $20 worth of supplies wasted! I was sooooo mad! Last time I'll listen to my mom when it comes to canning! Doing it by the book (so to speak) from now on.

I'm supposed to have some sort of a goal with how much I need to can, I'm only doing jellies, pickles, & tomatoes, but I haven't figured that out yet. These kids go through about 1 pint of jelly a week - that'll be alot of jars!

I've just been stocking up on things - just in case. Like I have taco & chili seasoning mixes made up and ready in jars. I have enough of that for about a year LOL! Well maybe not taco but definitely chili! We don't eat too much chili & I have LOTS!

oh and I have enough basil growing here to last an Italian restaurant for at least 2 nights! I've already preserved some in salt and this is just the second picking. I'll probably have alot more.

ok that's all for now,

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