August 31, 2008

my frugal kids

A blog I read daily posted this the other day. It's a blog about how frugal her kids have become after daily example from their mom & dad. I bookmarked it so I could write here about it later. Well it's later now (confusing, eh? haha!).

We do the same type of things with our kids. If they grow up to only pay attention to the price I'll be happy! But it'll be so nice if they are much more into things than that.

Here's a list of things we do with our kids to help teach them -
  • They help clip coupons sometimes, but mostly just help spot them (I'm picky on how they're cut).
  • They look at the sale ads and coupons for the best deals on things we use.
  • They don't even think to eat anything but generic brands, except they are tempted by the cereal sometimes. =)
  • When they get birthday money from grandma we always look in thrift stores, yard sales, or ebay before going to a store.
  • They keep their eyes open when we're out running errands just in case we can spot a curb side item to save.
  • They only get new toys on birthdays and Christmas, unless it's super cheap and REALLY wanted (those are usually pre-owned too).
  • They are the main recyclers and trash handlers, this helps with things thrown away.
  • Our children have never had anything bought for them for more than $50 individually, although many things they have originally cost WAY more than that.
  • We do NOT give allowances in our house. But everyone is rewarded as often as possible and when deserving.
  • They pass clothes on to siblings and family. Sometimes they receive clothes as well (not very many are for #1 though).
  • When clothes are past the "pass-it-down" stage, they help find new uses for them.
  • We spend alot of time talking about not only our money mishaps but also other people's. This includes family, friends, tv, movies, musicians, and the government.
There are some ways that #4 helps with saving money in our house that are questionable. It involves toilet paper her private time in the bathroom. Let's just say we tell her to use as much as she wants and she don't listen!! HAHA!!

We have a system in our house that usually helps remind all the kids when they are slacking on their frugal-ness. It's the quarter system. Here's how it works - one of the kids leaves a light on and someone else sees it they holler "You owe Mom a quarter!" Even though none of them actually has quarters to give, it still gets the point acrossed quickly and effeciently.

I am proud to say that my kids are pretty good at being frugal. I know they still need alot of practice but when their older they should be pros at it!

I was happy to see others strive for the same things with their kids too. I'm normal in at least one way! =)