September 21, 2008


Here is another piece I embroidered in the past -

**sorry about the toliet paper, but had to cover the name**

Bad thing about this was that I started in 1998 and didn't fully finish until 2004 - can you say procrastinate?! But hey, I got it done! Now if I can finish putting on the baby's name & stats =)

I originally started this for a cousin of mine, who at the time was pregnant with a little boy. When I bought it I thought it would be ok for a boy or girl. Later and even now, I'm not so sure. So I'm finishing it for #4.

It was one of those stamped fabric things you buy at the store. The hardest part was finding all the floss for it. There were like 30 colors needed! I messed up some here and there, but not anything real noticeable. But that's why I do stamped work & not counted cross stitch - I get confused easily HAHA!

You don't even want to know about how I have to count all the cups of flour that goes into bread!


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stephaniefletchr said...

Hi Anne
Thanks for checking out my blog.
I hope you like it.I enjoyed yours. I also love scrapbooking, it really helps me relax on my down time.