September 18, 2008

a perfect ying yang

I bookmarked this post by Core Foundations so I could direct anyone who wants to there so they could read the great story she has posted. It's about how the grass is always greener on the other side.

Such a sad story. And Darkside says that this same storyline was a Twilight Zone episode once.

But that's the way most people think at least I know I do! But I also try to curb that part of me as much as possible. It helps if you try to see things from all angles.

I spend most of my time trying to make myself be as neutral as possible. Anyone who knows about roleplaying will understand what kind of neutral I am trying for -- the kind that is close to impossible. Each side wars with the other all the time.

Those who don't or haven't roleplayed can understand it by thinking of it this way -- I like to sit on the fence and it's a VERY small fence & I have a big butt! HAHA!!

I strive for a perfect ying yang.

crazy i know!


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