September 16, 2008

common sense

I bookmarked this post by For Cheap Sake to talk about here. You should definitely read it.

I agree with her main point which is - children should be taught to respect authority at very young age or they may resent it later.

I've seen this first hand. Not a great way to live later in life when you walk around resenting ANYONE in a position above you. It's sad.

I am not like that. Although I do have a healthy dislike for people who are power high and in a position above me. But I know that if you wait those people will fall and all will be better later.

But I also believe that anyone who feels loved and wanted can overcome even something such as resentment to authority. No it may not last forever but the person will gain a tolerance that is much higher than they started with.

I think that people -especially kids- really need a lot of love, but mostly to be wanted. To be wanted for something makes a person feel like they have a reason to live and something to work towards.

But the key is to love your kids, make them feel wanted, and make sure they learn common sense early.

Common sense to me includes being able to understand authority. It also includes how you should act in public places, whether they are dangerous or not (Because dangerous is a whole different set of actions.) To me, common sense covers so much - but yet isn't usually anything difficult.

if you can tell common sense is on my mind alot lately!


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