September 14, 2008


I know it seems like I'm doing this alot but can't help it! The blogs I read daily are great sources of fun and thinking material. Here's another one.

I was reading How We "School" Part 3: Lessons on the blog My Total Perspective Vortex.

I totally agree with her thoughts on how to handle the tough situation like the one she had. I would of handled it EXACTLY the same way. Well, except I would of cursed and called her EVERY bad name I could think of for at least 5 years! (once I left the room) I'm pissy with the @&!*# and I wasn't there, didn't know her, and it wasn't even my kid! *(below)*

My problem is what do you do when you see other people treating your kids poorly and they are either too naive or willing to allow that to happen? And the problem is that all my kids are this way and have been ever since they were little.

For example - when #2 was in Kindergarten we put her in public school. All the adults at the school knew we believed in homeschooling and was only doing public school because the kids wanted too. (what was we thinking?!?!) Well #2 LOVED school -- EVERYTHING about it too.

Poor thing never even clued in that her old bat teacher was extremely hateful, rude, and mean to her. The old bat tried to tell me at the first quarter parent-teacher conference that #2 was so far behind the rest of the kids and had no attention span that she would probably need to be held back. AT THE FIRST QUARTER CONFERENCE -- OF KINDERGARTEN!!! There were other things too that she said that day and NONE of them were what should of been said to a parent of kindergartner that early in the year -- if at all.

I tried to explain, even just clue her in on little things - but nope she didn't even get a clue. (she don't remember now, thankfully!)

What does a person do then? At what point do you say - "I'm tired of my kid getting kicked like a dog and I'm standing up and stopping it!" And then when you mention it to anyone else they always say (at least to me) "Anne your trying to protect them too much. They need to go through that now or else what will they do when their adults?"

um, ok! somehow I think there's something wrong with that picture - maybe it's just me?

let my kid be abused (verbally, psychologically), used, taken advantage of, and made a fool of -- since they haven't seen/understood what's happening -- this is a learning experience that I HAVE to let go on .......... HUH?!?!

I believe that kids should have to wait till being more grown up to have to deal with people who are wrong like that -- no they won't have experience in dealing with these problems, but they will be more mature and will be able to handle them the way they want.

But then again, maybe I'm wrong. I'm only a about 1/8th the way through raising 4 kids. Maybe those older people who tell me I'm wrong are really right. You know one of those people is my mom. Heck she raised me (at least for about an 1/8th of my life) and I'm alright. She used these same ideals on me (somewhat).

oh except --- even though I was left to "learn" of how to deal with experiences such as the one in How We "School".... I still - even as an adult - don't know how to deal with something like that. My great idea on that situation is to curse the woman for 5 years --- wow, very adult and experience lead decision.

don't know, really don't know.


*RANT - why can't some people just appreciate we're all different and that it IS possible for someone to be doing something nice cause they want to -- some people are just helpful like that! Like everyone is supposed to be little soldiers and if you aren't you should be punished until you conform! UGH!

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