September 17, 2008


I've recently re-awakened my old love of embroidery. No I'm not even good at it -- but I really like it.

I was taught how to embroidery by a teacher I had when I went back to school while pregnant with #3. That teacher's name was Mrs. Robinson (I think?). I loved listening to all of her stories and great bits of wisdom. She taught me many things about parenting that no ones else could of.

Like did you know that when teaching a child how to tie shoes you can not teach them by sitting in front of them? If you do that you are actually showing them it backwards. You must sit behind them and reach around then show them. If you do it the other way (across from them) that is a good method for teaching a left-hander. Thankfully she told me this I was seriously losing my cool with #1 for not learning what I was showing him - which was wrong! But then I really needed to know because #2 is left-handed. Go figure!

But the way she showed embroidery was so down to earth and didn't make anyone feel as if they couldn't do it. She brought in a white piece of $1 cotton fabric in and told us to pick out a design. She let us see how much it cost for the whole class to be able to do this project - which was under $4! She let us pick out our own floss from her stash. Then a couple days later she brought back the fabric with the designs penciled in. We were taught how to work the embroidery without a hoop, too.

I finished that piece in 1 night. I was so excited! When I had class with her again I showed her and then asked if I could do another one. I knew I would be leaving soon to have #3 so I wanted something to keep my hands busy. She picked out a design and then told me how to do it. I tried and couldn't get the hang of it though (my belly got in the way, alot!). So she took it home for the night and the next day had it done.

That night I went home and got to work on it. And every night I'd try to work on it a little more. But things are kinda hard to finish when your going to school, tending to a 1 year old, taking a 4 year old back and forth to preschool, keeping the house, and dealing with all the court battles like we were. And Darkside was working full time swing shift hours so he could only help so much. That's not even mentioning the exhaustion I dealt with because of being pregnant!

About a week into it I went into labor. Although I kept it out and had every intention to finish it, that never happened. And through all the moves we've made it got put up. For 10 long years.

Till about 3 days ago.

Thankfully I found it and finished it! I could still see all her little X's - the time and effort she put into that for me was tremendous. And although I appreciated it and I'm sure I said thank you, I can't help thinking it wasn't enough. I sure wish I could thank her again.

I could almost hear that little square of fabric sigh with contentment! Finally, it was complete!

Crazy, I know!

here it is -

And here is my new project -here- downloaded & printed from the web.


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