September 1, 2008

my kids' births

Just for fun, I'm playing along with Shannon from one of the blogs I read daily. Three cheers for the real "laborers" as we celebrate Labor Day! (cause we all know I'll NEVER labor away at a job!)

How long were your labors?
Kid #1: 5 years ~ estimate (*lol!*)
Kid #2: ~ 7 hours
Kid #3: ~ 15 hours
Kid #4: ~ 6 hours
How did you know you were in labor?
Kid #1: he was so cute I couldn't help but start to fall in love
Kid #2: induced
Kid #3: woke up @ 6am to read the paper (like this isn't unusual, sure sign!)
Kid #4: induced

Where did you deliver?
Kid #1: in J'ville @ home
Kid #2 & #3: hospital in J'ville, you know where the elite are born (story to follow)
Kid #4: in the hospital of my dreams in Burlington, IA
Kid #1: none! I wanted them though! prozac woulda been GREAT!
Kid #2 - #4: yep the wimpy shots - DON'T WORK!
I had a H-section with Kid #1 -- my heart was cut out! But no C-sections.
Who delivered?

Kid #1: his daddy
Kid #2 - #4: great (or at least passable) doctors

A lot of this is tongue in cheek. We all know that I didn't actually give birth to #1 but I feel that the process to now was the same thing. He's mine though. I may share him with another woman, but that doesn't lessen things. And for clarification purposes - she labored TERRIBLY with him in his birth to this world, which ended with a emergency C-section that she probably was grateful for. He was a big baby with a HUGE head - all the better to hold such a smart brain =)

The story about the hospital where all the elite are born. It's called Passaway by those who have ever been there for anything - well except me. Almost everyone I know was born there except - ME, kid #4, Miss M #4, my inlaw parents, and my Dad. I was born in Whitehall - the hospital is still there but it's now used for offices. It's soooo small compared to hospitals today! It's kinda cute =) It's difficult to deal with when filling out forms to fill in something different instead of listing " " <-- I love using those things! But oh well, such is life. You must either resign your life to fighting, whining, and crying over it or just deal with it. I choose to just deal with it - even the annoying parts. later....

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