September 29, 2008

halloween 2008

well, Halloween preparations have been in full swing at our house for more than two weeks. it's our tradition to decorate as much as we can inside & out and then add something new each year.

since last year we thought we'd be in an apartment this Halloween a lot of our stuff is inside stuff that we got new -- and lookie, lookie we HAVE a yard (I guess you can call it that!)

so kid #2 has this great idea of what she wants to be -- a Gothic bride. and we almost had to say yes since we've never been able to do the other thing she always wants to be -- a hooter's girl. those outfits go for a pretty penny on eBay!

so Darkside went to a used shop here in town and found that they sell wedding gowns for $2 (!!!) and they are really nice, although older in style - which works for us!

Here's the one we got, I forgot to take a picture before we washed it & started working on it -



There are some problems with it, not sure if they were there before we washed it or not -

under the arms

back zipper some closures are missing

in spots in fraying, this is a shoulder lace piece

the little "pearls" are hot glued on??

here's the work I have done so far besides the pining up (shortened the inner layer)

we're planning on dyeing this black and making a crinoline/petticoat of some bright color to put underneath. oh and a veil & bouquet, of course!

here's some looks we're using as inspiration -

this is going to be sooo much fun! hope it all turns out good =)


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