October 17, 2008

new job

Darkside FINALLY got to quit his job!!! We are so HAPPY! He has a new job at a new company that so far seems to be a better place to work.

In the past couple of months since we've been here we've found that the manager & company royally screwed him when he transferred.

He was making a decent wage at the IL outlet and figured that when he transferred that he should ask for that same amount at the IA outlet because we figured in IA the starting wage would be lower. And Darkside even said as much to his new manager at the IA outlet. She agreed that he could get that wage. He got his first check - yep got that wage.

But what she didn't tell him was that she hires newbies with no experience at a higher wage! And people who have any experience at any job for at least $0.50 more an hour than a newbie. So Darkside was being paid at least $1 less an hour than what she would paid if she had hired him off the street! ARGH!!!

And when he asked her about it she said oh wow I didn't realize that, I'll talk to corporate so they can give you a raise. That was before Darkside's yearly evaluation and raise. This is April.

So after she praises him verbally and on the yearly evaluation paper before he signs it he asks - what about that raise? And she says oh yeah! Here let me add that to the evaluation and she hurriedly scribbles it on about how he deserves a big raise. He signs it, happy that finally he'll be paid what he's worth after working for 4 months getting less. This is June.

Darkside asks in July when he'll get the raise and she says that it takes 1 month for corporate to process evaluations and to approve them. And she adds - remember they may say no to a raise -- HUH?

So August rolls around and still no raise on the check. Hmm..? So Darkside goes and asks what's the hold up. She tells him he didn't sign the evaluation --- WHAT?!?! So he tells her calmly that yes, he did - but if she could fill out another one he'd be happy to sign it again. So she says I've already done that, here sign this. He reads it to make sure it still says the same thing about the raise - it does - and then signs, yet again.

So after the month passes and even one paycheck after that (6 weeks) he goes to ask about why still no raise. He walks in the building and picks up his check and as he's looking around to see where she is so he can talk to her. There she is yelling talking loudly across the room about how she knows what he & another employee (who's in front of her) wants. They want to know about their raises and there's nothing she can do about it so DON'T ask her! UMMM...OK?!

So fast forward to the next check about mid Sept. still no raise! So Darkside decides he's going to call the IL outlet to see if this is something corporate is doing because of the economy. IL says nope, no problems with raises here. So Darkside calls corporate to see what's the hold up, maybe they didn't think he needed the raise? They say nope not them and transfer him to a person over his manager. She finally tells him the truth -- she just got the evaluation paper at the end of Aug. and his raise should be on the next pay check.


So on his first check in Oct. there it was --- the raise --- and it was more than the usual company yearly raise too! But sadly it was only by a $0.25 -- now Darkside will make as much as a newbie.



But Darkside with much encouragement from me was resigned to be happy he was at least making more than before. Because even though he'd replied and interviewed at other places, there was no call backs. (well there was one but it was so not worth it!)

Then he got it ---- THE CALLBACK!!

When the lady set up an orientation time Darkside wanted to quit his crappy job right then and there, but I said no. Not after the Home Depot incident.

AH.... but I've never explained that have I? Oh that one is a doosie! He went for the interview, took the drug test, got the callback, and was told as soon as she could get an orientation time set up she'd call to tell him the time to come in. Oh we was so excited! It was good money and Darkside's then current job had just stopped (construction - lack of work). And then no call. He called, and called. Then he tried to catch her in the office. Then thinking he could ambush her he called and then before the call went through to her line he hung up and drove like a mad man to catch her at the store. He walked in, asked to speak to her - and she refused to allow him into her office or even meet him at the courtesy desk! She told him over the phone that she was still trying to get things together for a orientation. THIS WAS 3 MONTHS AFTER HIS INTERVIEW!!! After that Darkside gave up on Home Depot.

So he went to work for two more days at the crappy job. Then he went to the orientation.....

And she told him his start date and time to come to work......

I told him he could FINALLY quit that stinking, crappy job!

And let me tell you, I've NEVER seen Darkside smile so big before in all of the 14+ years I've known him --- NEVER!

But now he's back at a full time job again. It's been sooo long since he's done that. And maybe I'm crazy but I HATE it! Oh don't get me wrong, I know we need the good money he'll be making (it's the highest paying job he's EVER had). But I already miss having him here to talk to anytime I think of something to argue talk about. And I miss the flexibility he had while working part time.

I know that this has me thinking overtime about how to get my plans of being a self-sufficient farming family going. This is my master plan of how Darkside can be at home and us not be completely without necessities.


Well we could always go with his plans. He has two.

One is him become a pimp. It's a life long dream of his actually =)

The other idea he has is for the two of us to operate a porn website with us as the stars -- LMAO!!! just too funny, and soooo not gonna happen!


Some things I do know though -

I love my husband.

He's my best friend & partner in all ways.

I am completely dependent on him, especially emotionally.

He's also my protector =)

I love being able to look over at him and see his face and read it at any moment I want to.

I try to be like him because I admire his strength, patience, and intelligence.

And I hate to admit it because I strive to not be like this with ANYONE except my kids - but - I would find it VERY hard to go through life without him by my side.


ps - and no I am NOT in the dog house for anything! this is true from the heart.

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