October 1, 2008

I Want That Wednesday: a new house

I know it's a hope but.... Here's what I'd like -- to own a nice little place that is closer to home.

Never thought I'd think of central Illinois as home (believe me I fought it!) but it is. I feel like a fish out of water clear up here in north central Iowa. In fact we spent tonight bring in my "garden" because they expect temps to be in the high 30's tonight.

But with the place above I have hope. Because the realtor sounded real sure it'd still be there come tax time. And it is about 5x's the amount of land as this place has -- I could have a REAL garden. The "town" has like 6 roads in it so I wouldn't have to worry about the kids going outside nearly as much. Plus it's like an hour and a half from my father-in-law.


yep, I definitely want that!


*EDIT* - this place is now gone =( but there will be more!


Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

GREAT I want that!!!
I tell ya, moving my crew out to a town with population 366 was one of the bestest things I have ever done!
Good Luck!!

Laura said...

Hope you get your house. That one looks like it is a bit run down. Did you get out to have a look at it yet?

Anne M. said...

We like a challenge =) but nope can't go look at it - we're about 8 hours north & west of there.

I grew up (mostly) in a town of 350 -- best childhood anyone could ever want, IMO! Although I'm sure the older locals were happy to see us gone LOL!