October 3, 2008

crazy about babies

I read a post on this blog about how crazy it is for people to buy reborn babies. She had seen a segment on the Today show about some women who do buy them and make them (? I believe).

And although I completely agree those people are on the deep end -- why spend sooo much?? and then let others see you like that? (you know in a crazy state)

I'm perfectly willing to admit to wanting & even saving money to buy a doll similar to these (much lower priced!).

Six years ago I was going through some problems with secondary infertility and seen these dolls as a way I could "fix" the problems. I stopped trying to conceive & had planned to have enough money saved to buy one mid Feb. I found out I was pregnant Feb. 2nd.

I again recently had problems with infertility and thought to repeat the same thing. It dawned on me while browsing eBay that THIS IS STEPPING OFF THE CLIFF.

Maybe it's just some people's way of coping with a hardship? I don't know but, I sure don't hold it against them. (they are crazy most can agree on that!) Some people need that certain something to grasp onto, as long as it's not hurting anyone, who cares?

side note- although I agree with some of the commenters on that blog that they don't believe someone who had a miscarriage would want one of these because they are full term size --- don't be so sure! some women do things a certain way to memorialize their loss, even if "out-of-character"


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