October 14, 2008

getting ready

The last couple of weeks I've been so busy that I've not had time to really post. What have I been busy with? Well nothing & everything all at once!

I've sat and contemplated things alot lately. A person can hear so much on the news and read so much on the net that it gets you all riled up. Kinda like you should be doing something, ya know? Cause of all the economic problems.

But what do you do? I mean really - what does a person do? Ok now that you think you have the answer, now tell me - what does a poor person do? You know a person with a family who lives pay check to family handout to pay check, a family that needs the government to help feed them and provide medical coverage. Because that's me & my family.

But while you have an answer for that here's the second part of my problem that I can't seem to get a straight answer on - what are people supposed to be preparing for?

I've literally went looking for the answers for those very questions on the net. And let me tell ya I've come across some crazy answers! And all of them require money - usually massive amounts. Here's just some of the things that are must haves according to some of the sites I've been to:
  • generator
  • cash on hand (around $50 & up)
  • food - 3-12 months worth that can last w/o electricity
  • gold & precious metal (coins, etc.)
  • water - 1-2 gallons per person for up to 2 weeks
  • invest in cd's, bonds, etc.
boy, oh boy! If I had the ability to do all that I'd be set, huh?! And still no real answer of what your supposed to be prepared for.

Oh well. It's just something else to occupy my mind really. I like finding things to worry about so then I don't have to deal with some of my own worries.


Here's some recent pictures of what I've been doing here -

I made another bag holder out of old clothes this time (on left)
We really have too many bags but I refuse to recycle them
at the store because we need them in so many way here.

I've made some pads. I'm trying out different things with
the design. But that's a cute fabric ain't it! Old clothes, again.

we got Darkside's collection on a shelf finally!
now to find another shelf for the new additions!

been dehydrating all kinds of things lately, especially veggies
see to the left the dehydrator tray? we got that given to us
last Friday but the heater and fan doesn't work =( but we
are making good use of the trays for drying things on a fan.

more and more canning - usually jellies & jams
I was trying to catch the steam rising from these jars - didn't work!
The kids have a new favorite which is the pint jars in the back -
they call them bloody grapes. Really it's just red grapes in a cherry
based syrup but surprisingly look alot like eye balls in blood - euugh!

Oh and we've been getting ready for Halloween too =)


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